Islam crescent moon in redIslam is one of the world's fasted growing religions.  But, is it a religion of peace, violence, or a little of both?  Muhammad taught that there is one God, no Trinity, Jesus was not crucified, and that good works are needed for salvation. The Quran is the Muslim's holy book and it contains a wide variety of topics.  The Hadith are the deeds and sayings of Muhammad and are authoritative in the average Muslim's life.  They contain volumes of material, some of which is hard to believe.  All in all, Islam is an important religion begun by Muhammad, 1400 years ago.  Some consider it a Christian heresy.  Others a new, false religion.  But, for Muslims, it is the revelation of their God. 


Doctrines of Islam

Regarding Islam

Issues and Answers

Muhammed and the Bible

Responses to attempted rebuttals


Quran 114 Chapters

Islam by Topic

The Hadith

Background Information for Answering Objections

Objections Answered about the Trinity

Objections Answered about Jesus

Objections Answered about Jesus' Crucifixion and Resurrection

Dialogues With Muslims

Leaving Islam

Islam and the News

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