Isn't Christianity oppressive since it forces its values on others?

by Matt Slick

Christianity does not advocate forcing its values on others. Christians don't go out into the world and make people attend church, force people not to lie, make them be faithful in marriage, or threaten to beat people up if they are dishonest. But Christians, like anyone else, have the right to vote and express their opinions and promote what they believe. If a critic of Christianity were to say Christians force their values on others by standing in front of abortion clinics with signs or by voting for conservative candidates, then the critic is just as guilty of being oppressive by opposing the right of people to stand at abortion clinics with signs or vote for conservatives. Often, those who criticize Christianity are guilty of the very thing they address (Rom. 2:1). Think about it. Standing out in front of an abortion clinic with signs denouncing the killing of unborn babies is not forcing values on anyone. It is disagreeing with the pro-abortion movement. No force is involved. There is a difference between disagreement and force.

Christians want honesty, integrity, protection of life, fidelity in marriage, the reduction of sexual promiscuity, the cessation of killing unborn babies, etc. They are not aggressively forcing people to do what they want. How could they? Do they go into people's homes and make them behave in a Christian manner? Do they stop people from going to theaters and watching foul movies? No. But Christians have the right to protest peaceably, the same as anybody else. However, when Christians do it they are falsely accused of forcing their values on others. When the liberals do it, it's called free speech.

Apparently, to the liberals, any disagreement with their moral choices and any work Christians might promote in stopping the demoralization of America (and any other country) is often labeled as being oppressive, bigoted, insensitive, etc. Negative accusations are frequently hurled at Christians while the liberals turn a blind eye to their own hypocrisy and bigotry. That is the way of the world when it denies godliness.

Nevertheless, have there ever been Christians who have forced their values on others? Yes, unfortunately there have, but that does not represent Christian values that are taught in the New Testament.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.