Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

by Matt Slick

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an action packed, suspense thriller about a CIA financial analyst who reluctantly gets drawn into an international web of espionage where the requisite bad guys are attempting to collapse the world economy--but mainly destroy the U.S.A.  The action is good and the acting was excellent.  The movie was rather predictable at times, but I must say it had a rather enjoyable predictability.  After all, you know the good guy is going to win, but it is just a question of how long it will take and exactly how it will be accomplished.  The movie came together nicely.  It is well written and enjoyable.

There are no sex scenes, although the Lord's name is used in vain a few times.  With some foul language here and there, it is not overwhelming but is appropriate for the situations in which it is housed. 

I've seen better movies, but I'm not the master critic who looks at minutia in plot and character development.  If you're like me and you want to see action, thrills, and be entertained while you suspend your belief system for a few over-the-top special effects, then you will enjoy this movie.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.