Jacob Allee

Jacob Allee has a B.A. in Religion & Apologetics from Luther Rice University and is currently working to complete an M.A. in Biblical Studies from Piedmont Baptist Graduate School. Jacob is a Certified Apologetics Instructor for the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and has completed certifications in apologetics from Biola University and the Cross-Examined Instructor Academy with Dr. Frank Turek.

Jacob is a Student Ministries Pastor, as well as, a writer and speaker on numerous topics related to Christian theology, philosophy and apologetics. Jacob has spoken to collegiate ministries, summer camps, Christian schools and churches on topics such as the Reliability of the Bible, Darwinism in Crisis, Arguments for God’s Existence, Defeating Moral Relativism, Defending the Trinity, The Problem of Evil, Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ, and more. For more information about Jacob and his ministry you can visit www.jacoballee.com.

Jacob Allee began writing for CARM in January 2011.



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