Matt Slick: Do you want to call me at my radio show and debate the deity of Christ with me?
Jonathan-Yahya: on your show ?
Jonathan-Yahya: with your rules
Jonathan-Yahya: so you can cut me off
Jonathan-Yahya: ?
Jonathan-Yahya: how about 1 on 1
Jonathan-Yahya: debate ]
Jonathan-Yahya: on pal
Jonathan-Yahya: fair time
Matt Slick: You can make excuses. But the fact is that you don't know what you're talking about.
Jonathan-Yahya: i accept
Jonathan-Yahya: dpo you accept
Jonathan-Yahya: do
Matt Slick: So if you want to call my radio show let me know. One-on-one dialogue it should be quite interesting.
Jonathan-Yahya: yes or no
Jonathan-Yahya: doesnt answer my question
Matt Slick: I challenged you to a debate/discussion on the radio show. Do you accept or do you reject? Yes or no.
Jonathan-Yahya: do you  accept
Jonathan-Yahya: debate with fair time
Matt Slick: I see your afraid. You bring shame on Islam.
Jonathan-Yahya: each 10 min
Jonathan-Yahya: so no
Jonathan-Yahya: you pitty insults dont fade me
Matt Slick: You're chicken.
Jonathan-Yahya: jesus worshippers are easy to debate
Jonathan-Yahya: and you said no to my debate
Matt Slick: You think so? Then why are you afraid, my radio show for thousands to hear?
Matt Slick: If it's so easy for you to debate people who believe in the deity of Christ, then it shouldn't be a problem for you.
Matt Slick: I challenge you and you bailed on it. Then you boast of how easy it is to debate Christians who believe in Jesus being God in flesh.
Matt Slick: So, you're either lying, self deceived, or afraid. You pick
Matt Slick: But I have to warn you. I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the deity of Christ.
Jonathan-Yahya: remember i challanged you
Jonathan-Yahya: and you said no
Matt Slick: I'm not interested in your childish games. I asked you for a public discussion on a radio show and you chicken out.
Matt Slick: Then you boast about how easy it is to debate Christians on the deity of Christ.
Jonathan-Yahya: grow up old man
Matt Slick: You can't have it both ways. You can't have yourself be a boastful promoter of yourself and yet also be checked to be able to debate me on the radio.
Jonathan-Yahya: you are scared to debate me 1 on 1
Matt Slick: Grow up you immature child
Matt Slick: And I'm not afraid to debate you one-on-one. Because I challenge you to do it.
Jonathan-Yahya: debate in a fair stage
Matt Slick: And you are afraid.
Jonathan-Yahya: if you got jesus balls
Matt Slick: It is perfectly fair. I have unbelievers on my show all the time we go back and forth all the time. The uniform we tell me that I treat them very well.
Matt Slick: Now you speak disrespectfully of Jesus. Is this what you're Islam teaches?
Matt Slick: You again brings shame on your God
Matt Slick: You have no reverence and no honor when it comes to Isaz
Matt Slick: Isa
Matt Slick: You are full of arrogance.
Matt Slick: My room is open.
Matt Slick: carmorg
Matt Slick: come and debate me
Jonathan-Yahya: invite me
Jonathan-Yahya: fair time?
Jonathan-Yahya: each?
Matt Slick: Find the room
Jonathan-Yahya: lets set it up
Jonathan-Yahya: i accept
Jonathan-Yahya: you hear me
Jonathan-Yahya:  I ACCEPT A DEBATE ON PAL 1 ON 1
Matt Slick: You want to set up a debate time?
Jonathan-Yahya: DEAL
Jonathan-Yahya: pleae
Matt Slick: You want to set something up enough coming week so that we can have a lot of people listen?
Jonathan-Yahya: please
Jonathan-Yahya: awesome
Jonathan-Yahya: i debate alot
Jonathan-Yahya: and theres atleast 120 at every debate
Matt Slick: goooooooooooooooooooood
Matt Slick: let's set it up then...
Matt Slick: paltalk...
Jonathan-Yahya: i debate on fridays adn saturdays
Matt Slick: And I don't trust Muslim moderators.
Matt Slick: It will have to be on a Saturday.
Jonathan-Yahya: athiest mod
Matt Slick: This coming Saturday, in the evening
Jonathan-Yahya: who cares
Matt Slick: I know one atheist mod who would be probably willing to do it
Jonathan-Yahya: ok
Jonathan-Yahya: i know a few
Jonathan-Yahya: topic, is trinity pylothism
Matt Slick: wow....
Matt Slick: I was talking about debating the deity of Christ.
Matt Slick: The atheists that he would be willing to do it.
Jonathan-Yahya: bingo
Jonathan-Yahya: deity of christ is pylothism
Jonathan-Yahya: love it
Jonathan-Yahya: please bring it
Matt Slick: About this. Is Jesus God in flesh or not  according to the Bible?
Jonathan-Yahya: nope
Jonathan-Yahya: is it pylothism
Jonathan-Yahya: thats the debate
Matt Slick: You want to debate on what?
Jonathan-Yahya: and i will use the hypostatic union
Jonathan-Yahya: scroll up
Matt Slick: Type in what you want as the exact topic
Jonathan-Yahya: topic, is trinity pylothism
Matt Slick: So you want the topic, is a Trinity polytheism?
Matt Slick: Is that it?
Jonathan-Yahya: did God die for one
Jonathan-Yahya: hypostatic union
Jonathan-Yahya: come on
Jonathan-Yahya: you know how this works
Matt Slick: I'm asking for a confirmation on the exact topic
Matt Slick: Is this it? "Is the Trinity polytheism?"
Matt Slick: Is that what you want to debate topic?
Jonathan-Yahya: exact topic, is trinity pylothism
Matt Slick: That's not a complete sentence
Jonathan-Yahya: is the trinity polytheism !
Jonathan-Yahya: compleat
Jonathan-Yahya: deal?
Jonathan-Yahya: this saturday
Jonathan-Yahya: im in west coast
Matt Slick: yes, the debate topic is "Is the Trinity polytheism?"
Jonathan-Yahya: so what time?
Matt Slick: 6 PM works for me.  That is 5 PM California time.
Jonathan-Yahya: study deicide
Jonathan-Yahya: cuz ill be addressinbg it
Matt Slick: Is 6 PM okay?
Jonathan-Yahya: how about 3
Matt Slick: 5 PM your time. 6 PM my time.
Jonathan-Yahya: 6 is dinar time here
Matt Slick: That would be 4 PM my time.
Matt Slick: I can do that
Matt Slick: That would be 3 PM California time.
Jonathan-Yahya: you know what
Jonathan-Yahya: ill work with you
Jonathan-Yahya: ill let you know
Jonathan-Yahya: if 6 ios ok
Jonathan-Yahya: 6 my time/
Jonathan-Yahya: right?
Matt Slick: 3 PM California time is doable. Let's move on
Matt Slick: Now to the format
Jonathan-Yahya: 10 min intro
Jonathan-Yahya: 5 min rebutt
Jonathan-Yahya: 10 closing
Matt Slick: You are a Muslim, is that right?
Jonathan-Yahya: that will have no barinbg in the debate
Jonathan-Yahya: im not debateing islamn
Matt Slick: I'm not debating Islam.
Matt Slick: But you are a Muslim is that right?
Jonathan-Yahya: good
Jonathan-Yahya: 100% convert
Jonathan-Yahya: 12 years
Matt Slick: We need to cross examination time
Matt Slick: 10 minute open each
5 minute rebuttal each
Ask three questions of each.
Each can ask 3 questions, one at a time.  Responder has 3 minute response.
 Asker can rebut for 1 minute.
Then it switches.
10 closing each person.
Jonathan-Yahya: you know we can even have it here
Jonathan-Yahya: ill talk to room owner
Matt Slick: next week, sat
Jonathan-Yahya: because i want people to hear it
Jonathan-Yahya: add me
Matt Slick: still working out the format
Matt Slick: Do you want to go first?
Matt Slick: You open, i close
Matt Slick: 1) 10 minute open each person   2)  5 minute rebuttal each person   3)  Each person can ask 3 questions of the other.  Con asks first question, then pro asks next question. Responder has 3 minute response time limit, then the question asker has 1 minute for rebutal.
Then it switches for the three questions. 4)  10 closing each person.
Matt Slick: Well?
Matt Slick: well?
Jonathan-Yahya: ill get back to you on the format
Matt Slick: i've been patiently waiting
Jonathan-Yahya: have you debated live >?
Matt Slick: lol.... yes
Jonathan-Yahya: ok
Matt Slick: Then it is settled.  You open... i close
Jonathan-Yahya: nothing is settled
Matt Slick: The debate topic is "Is the trinity polytheism?"
Matt Slick: You said okay
Jonathan-Yahya: the debate is
Jonathan-Yahya: not format
Matt Slick: We have already agreed on the debate topic. The debate topic is, "Is the Trinity Polytheism?"
Matt Slick: You are offering the affirmative. In debates, the affirmative position usually goes first.
Matt Slick: I've agreed to your format but added three questions each.
Matt Slick: This is standard debate procedure.
Matt Slick: Haven't you ever debated live before?


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.