Letter Uncials 4th to 10th Century Copies

by Matt Slick

Uncials are uppercase Greek letters and are used to designate another set of manuscripts.  Uncials are designated with the initial "0." All these manuscripts were written in the uncial form; that is, the uppercase Greek style.

Manuscript Contents Location Date
(aleph) 01 Gospels, Acts, Epistles of Paul, Revelation London: Sinaiticus 4th
A 02 Gospels, Acts, Epistles of Paul, Revelation London: Alexandrinus 5th
B 03 Gospels, Acts, Epistles of Paul Rome: Vaticanus 4th
C 04 Gospels, Acts, Epistles of Paul, Revelation Paris: Ephraemi Rescriptus 5th
D 05 Gospels, Acts & Catholic Epistles Cambridge: Bezae Cantabrigiensis 5th/6th
D 06 Epistles of Paul Paris: Claromontanus 6th
D-abg1 - Epistles of Paul (Ab8chrift, i.e. copy of 06) Leningrad 9th
E 07 Gospels Base] 8th
E 08 Acts Oxford: Laudianus 6th
F 09 Gospels Utrecht 9th
F 010 Epistles of Paul Cambridge 9th
G 011 Gospels London and Cambridge 9th
G 012 Epistles of Paul Dresden: Boernerianus 9th
H 013 Gospels Hamburg and Cambridge 9th
H 014 Acts Modena 9th
H 0165 Epistles of Paul Athos and elsewhere: Euthalianus 6th
I 016 Epistles of Paul Washington 5th
K 017 Gospels Paris 9th
K 018 Acts, Epistles of Paul Moscow 9th
L 019 Gospels Paris: Regius 8th
L 020 Acts, Epistles of Paul Rome 9th
M 021 Gospels Paris 9th
N 022 Gospels Leningrad and elsewhere 6th
O 023 Gospels Paris 6th
P 024 Gospels Wolfenbiittel 6th
P 025 Acts, Epistles of Paul, Revelation Leningrad 9th
Q 026 Gospels Wolfenbiittel 5th
R 027 Gospels London 6th
S 028 Gospels Rome 949
T 029 Gospels Rome 5th
U 030 Gospels Venice 9th
V 031 Gospels Moscow 9th
W 032 Gospels Washington: Freer Gospels 5th
X 033 Gospels Munich 10th
Y 034 Gospels Cambridge 9th
Z 035 Gospels Dublin 6th
(gamma) 036 Gospels Leningrad and Oxford 10th
(delta) 037 Gospels St. Gall 9th
(theta) 038 Gospels Tiflis: Koridethi 9th
(lambda) 039 Gospels Oxford 9th
(xi) 040 Gospels London: Zacynthius 8th
(pi) 041 Gospels Leningrad 9th
(sigma) 042 Gospels Rossano 6th
(phi) 043 Gospels Berat? 6th
(psi) 044 Gospels, Acts, Epistles of Paul Athos 8th/9th
(omega) 045 Gospels Athos 9th



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