Love and Hate Mail

Here are some e-mails from people regarding Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.
The hate-mail is most entertaining.
Hope you enjoy.

"I love the site! The fact that the author posts the good comments as well as insults, and even personal attacks on his character, is...well, somewhat funny. Visitors' complaints about the site/author's personal beliefs reminded me of this quote: 'If you can't answer a man's argument, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names" --- Elbert Hubbard'"

". . .thanks for the CARM site, I have just spent another fruitful half-hour in it (with the help of NetAccellerator, which scoops up pages by the armful for later, offline browsing!) and am truly thankful for all the hard work and effort which has gone into the site. It's exactly the right thing for the majority of my needs (I work as a missionary in the City of Birmingham, UK).  I really do thank and praise God for your endeavor."  Stuart "Oh, Matt, the fact you like little short answers should reveal where you are at spiritually. My wife, a teacher, tells me children's attention span is very short AND they cannot understand abstract concepts. I'll try to remember that the next time. ;-0 "You ought to be teachers by now...." but you're still carnal as a carnival. Grow up."  Gary
"The Holy Spirit must have truly led me to your web site! I teach public middle school in Florida and I sponsor the school's only Christian club. This past week one of my girls asked me how to deal with a friend who is a J.W.  and who is aggressively trying to recruit her into her cult. My girl is  saved, but she doesn't know how to answer all the outrageous statements her  friend makes. I went to my favorite Christian store and bought her several  booklets that teach Christians how to deal with JW's and various other cults and other religions, and I also rented the video "Witness at your door" and lent it to her. Now I have found your website. I will try to download and print your tract and make sure it gets into the hands of all the students in the club, and give them enough to share with their friends."  Carin "There's nothing difficult about answering Scriptural questions, but when you couch them in your "traditions," it gets messy. For example, I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit because it is Scriptural, plain and simple. But when you add a non-Scriptural term like "Trinity," then we have to go through the same debates the early church went through which led to great bloodbaths, so if you don't mind, I prefer Scriptures over "creeds" of man and church councils. Now my Talmudic minded heretic, face the mirror and see the hypocrisy anyone can see in your life which you refuse to acknowledge. You are living a lie and everyone knows it. If you have kids, they can see right through you. Face your mirror, Matt, and see your gross hypocrisy."  Gary
"I just wanted to tell you that I have decided to leave the Mormon church. I believe that the Mormon church is clearly false and I can no longer be involved...the thing that made me see the light is the challenge you gave on how to know if you have the real Jesus. I realized that the Mormon church does not have the real Jesus...God got a hold of my heart and I can not resist him any longer! He set me free and I now know the "real Jesus"!...I have decided to rejoin the Baptist church that I left. Thank you God bless..."
A Returned Christian
"...Your arrogance and stupidity are astounding...You idiot... I've FORGOTTEN more than you'll ever know...These are theological questions, such as what one would expect from some self-righteous moron with a cereal-box "Divinity" diploma, instead of true academic credentials...This is a perfect example of the kind of immaturity and insecurity displayed by those who can only cultivate a sense of self-worth by tearing something/someone else down. It is a juvenilistic, playground mentality that one could only hope that you'd have outgrown by now... No one who has made a serious study of ANY religion would make the grade-school-level errors you have managed. No one. Your writings are not accurate in any way, shape or is idiots like you who put the work of REAL Christianity back decades. It is morons like YOU who destroy what little credibility the Evangelical movement HAS LEFT.
"I must say I am very impressed with the information I have found in your web pages. A friend of mine has used the information found here to help in witnessing to a Mormon."
" seem to have almost no grasp of true Biblical exegetical principles, nor do I believe you really have any understanding of the Early Church. In fact, I find my original assessment of you to be "right on". You are a hateful, arrogany, [sic] stupid persecutor of anyone and everyone who is "different" from you in any way, shape, or form. If I were a betting man, I would also bet that you are a bigot and unashamed racist..."
"Your Web page is excellent, and the information is great, thank you."
"Your studies are incomplete and misleading...It isn't very CHRIST LIKE! To blasphimize other religions, And I believe it states in the BIBLE AND! The Book of Mormon that blasphimizing other religions is not Christ Like and is wrong! That just shows how much credit your information is REALLY Worth!"
"Hi, I was browsing around the Web trying to find some apologetics material by Josh McDowell and came upon your page. Just wanted to say that this is Great!! I have downloaded several items and plan to use them in the Bible studies that I lead."
"It is with heart felt sadness that I come across information such as yours...For centuries man has fought about the one this that is supposed to unify him, to teach him to love thy neighbor..."
"Thank you for putting these kinds of resources on the internet. They are valuable resources that all Christians should have access to."
"I have one simple question for you. Are you ignorant or dishonest? Many of your statements about Mormonism is plain and simply dishonest and deceitful. I have a feeling that you are dishonest rather than ignorant."
"I just wanted to compliment you on your work. I located this sight accidentally, and only had a few minutes to look it over. It is an excellent resource for ministry and support. It was obviously a product of a lot of work. Congratulations on a job well done, and thank you."
"It strikes me queer that a Christian Scholar would be anal enough to collect data about a mythological disaster. Don't you have anything better to do, like censor the internet from those dirty porn pages?"
"Thanks for the effort you have put into your "web page"...Keep up the good work."
"Sorry rehash of old arguments. Can tell you have never spoken with truly knowledgeable Mormon about these beliefs. Or... if you have, you didn't listen very well."
"...I really appreciate what you are doing. I am a minister and have found this page to be helpful and insightful. In my first church it is good to have such readily available resources."
"Christianity is the one true religion? As you say this sounds narrow-minded and dogmatic - that is because it IS narrow-minded and dogmatic. Why does your faith rely so heavily on being the ONLY way and putting down the beliefs of others? Sounds like some theological insecurities to me? Your sad, confined view of religion does a disservice to the rest of the religious world. Open your mind to uncomfortable questions and avoid the temptation to hold up "scriptures" (as the irrefutable proof of what you believe."
"The Wacko Filter is a great idea!"
"drop dead"
"I'm writing to say thanks for making this page I think it will provide me with enough information to disprove most non-Christian religions."
"I do believe that you really need to read the Book of Mormon again and put Moroni 10:4-5 in action. When you do this, you will learn that your page on the internet is all a lie. You got caught up in one of Satan's temptations to try and take the gospel of the earth again. IT WON'T HAPPEN. I promise. If you don't change your form of thought, you will eventually realize what you have done."
"I just want you to know what a blessing this web sight is. This information is gona save me hours of study."
"Hello. I think it very sad that you waste your time trashing other religions when you should be worrying about the salvation of your soul!"
"It is so scary that Satan has brought about such false religions to man kind. But it's people like you that expose his kingdom, and teach people like me about what to watch out for in the cults such as Mormonism and the JW's. They are so deceptive; an equal trait of the enemy. I pray that your ministry flourishes, and that we'll see many born again Christians of the real Jesus in heaven."
"...There's nothing satanic or evil about the New Age. The only thing "of the devil" is ORTHODOXY...The New Age is all about getting outside of the orthodoxy and leaving that parasite behind...[The New Age Movement] says that man is God within, that you don't need the blood of Jesus to cleanse you of your sin, etc."

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.