Matt Paulson

Matt PaulsonMatt Paulson helps with writing and answering email questions on CARM, also became a member of the board of CARM directors in 2011. Matt grew up in Glendora, California, a city with a predominately Mormon population. After his Christian conversion in 1988, Matt enrolled in Anaheim Christian Bible College and studied classical Christian theology in an effort to witnesses to the cults. During this time Matt began to verify the research of BYU. In 1990, Matt wrote “Can Mormonism Be Found in the First Christianity,” a response to BYU professors who claimed that LDS beliefs could be found in the early church. This research eventual led Matt to write his book, Breaking the Mormon Code (Wingspan Press, 2006).

Also, Matt is on the executive board of Nehemiah Foundation International, a ministry to help poor farmers in the Philippines.

Today, Matt is employed in the electrical construction industry and he lives in Keizer, Oregon with wife Evangellin. Photo is attached. Blessings! Matt



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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.