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Matt Slick Live on KBXL, Boise Idaho, FM 94.1 from 3-4 P.M., MST, and rebroadcast from 5-6 MST on AM 790, Monday through Friday.  Call toll free at 877.207.2276, that's 877.207.CARM or 208.377.3790.  That's 2-3 P.M., Pacific Time and 5-6 P.M., Eastern Time.  Also, contact us via Skype at "" no spaces.  Chat Room during show is found on, in the Christianity section, room name is CARMorg.

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Listen to Matt Slick (the Founder and President of CARM) answer difficult questions, debate unbelievers, give sound biblical advice, and use logic and evidence to defend and establish the Christian faith.

  • The CARM Radio Show, live discussion, debates, and interviews. Open calls
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  • Shows are from 3-4 P.M., M-F, Mountain Standard Time.  5-6 EST.
  • Phone number to call the show is 877-207-2276 or 208-377-3790




About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.