Matt Slick Live Radio, 2017, April and May

by Matt Slick

Below is a list of the Matt Slick Live Radio shows that are on Spreaker (audio only) and youtube (video of studio taping).  They include April and May of 2017

5/24/2017 Bible Study, Christ's natures, and Roman Catholicism   Youtube
5/19/2017 We Are Created For God's Glory Spreaker  
5/18/2017 Stress Levels Over 600 Spreaker  
5/17/2017 Spreading the Gospel to Cuba with TWR Spreaker  
5/16/2017 The Spirit of the Anti-Christ Spreaker  
5/15/2017 Annihilationism Undermines the Gospel Spreaker  
5/12/2017 Matt & Scott Herndon Discuss the Slaughter of the Preborn Spreaker  
5/11/2017 Pericope and the Correct Bible Translation Debate Spreaker Youtube
5/10/2017 No Holds Barred Theology Spreaker Youtube
5/9/2017 The Roots of Absolute Morality Spreaker Youtube
5/5/2017 Best of MSL Archives: Interview with Dr. Michael Brown Spreaker  
5/4/2017 Predestination 101 Spreaker Youtube
5/3/2017 Are All Your Logic Paws in the Litter Box? Spreaker Youtube
5/2/2017 It's All About Jesus Spreaker Youtube
5/1/2017 Objective Morality is Objective Spreaker Youtube
4/28/2017 Interview with Peter Hammond: Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing Pt. 3 Spreaker  
4/27/2017 Interview with Peter Hammond: Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing Pt. 2 Spreaker Youtube
4/26/2017 Interview with Peter Hammond: Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing Pt. 1 Spreaker Youtube
4/25/2017 Wicca is Whack Spreaker Youtube
4/24/2017 Depresscatology Spreaker Youtube
4/21/2017 This is Why CARM Needs Everyone's Support Spreaker Youtube
4/20/2017 Fun and Theology Spreaker Youtube
4/19/2017 Schrodinger's Cat: A Star Wars Story Spreaker  
4/18/2017 Best of MSL Archives: Atheism Interview with Dan Barker Spreaker  
4/17/2017 I'm Back! Spreaker Youtube
4/14/2017 Best of Matt Slick Live Archives Spreaker  
4/13/2017 MSL Chad & Randy: Accuracy of Statement of Faith Spreaker  
4/12/2017 MSL Chad: Bethel Church & Music Spreaker  
4/11/2017 MSL Chad and Josh: Taking a Look at Calvinism Spreaker  
4/10/2017 MSL Randy Reams: Preaching the Origins of the Word Spreaker  
4/7/2017 Lord Jesus, I Accept You Into My Life Spreaker Youtube
4/6/2017 We Are All Sinners By Nature Spreaker Youtube
4/5/2017 Stub Your Physical Toes Spreaker Youtube
4/4/2017 You Too, Are Able to Truly Believe Spreaker Youtube
4/3/2017 Challenging Catholicism Spreaker Youtube





About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.