Misrepresenting Molinism and what you can do about it

by Matt Slick
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Though Molinists generally agree on the basics, I have found that different Molinist have slightly different understandings of such concepts as counterfactuals, middle knowledge, libertarian free will, etc. That is to be expected since no two Molinists are exactly the same. In fact, I am aware that there are slight differences of understanding among members of my own Reformed theological camp.  It happens. Therefore, when dialoguing with molinists I still need to check the definitions with them so as to avoid confusion.

Nevertheless, it is not my intention to misrepresent Molinism. I certainly can fail to understand it sufficiently, even after traveling heavily into the Molinist universe and conversing with its inhabitants and surveying its theological landscape. 

What to do if I misrepresent Molinism

If you read a statement in these articles on Molinism that you believe misrepresent its philosophical position, then please let me know by following these steps.

  1. Provide the URL to the article
  2. Provide a quote of the statement that you think is in error
  3. Provide a corrected version
  4. Provide documentation from Molinist sources to validate your correction.
    1. Without documentation of a correction, no "correction" will be forthcoming.
  5. Email us at info@carm.org

Just because someone offers a correction, it doesn't mean I will accept it. Many times people will offer their opinions as fact. For example, occasionally Mormons will email me and tell me that I need to correct my site and acknowledge that Mormons are Christians. I can't do that because first of all, it would be unbiblical and second, opinions don't make something true.  Therefore, if you disagree with my conclusions, that's fine.  But, do so biblically, rationally, and with documentation.  I mean no offense when I say that I am not interested in mere opinions. I'm interested in biblically-based, rational discussions that are documented.

In addition, my schedule may prohibit me from getting to the modifications of articles for quite some time.  That happens because this ministry is very demanding and multifaceted. Nevertheless, I do plan to update articles periodically to more accurately reflect what Molinism is and what Molinists affirm.



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.