More Love and Hate Mail

If you liked the first Love Hate Mail Page then you'll like this one too.

The e-mails keep coming in.

Again, I hope you enjoy.

"The Information that I was able to see will greatly help me in the future. I thank you for providing such an incredible website for all the world to learn from." "Your page is bogus and I hope you repent of your misinformation if you are purposefully misrepresenting. Otherwise I can help you with your ignorance on the matters. If you are curious as to your mistakes, you can write back, but be prepared for humility."
"I visited your site today and I was very impressed. Your work is intelligent, articulate, and well balanced. I will visit more to be sure, and would love to help if I can." "You Definitely need to wake up and smell the coffee. I don't know where you get this stuff from. I really am going to pray for you because you have your facts all wrong."
"I like the web page. I found the information easy to read and very informative. . . . I look forward to reading more from your web page as you continue to add information." "Thank you for your assumptions about what the LDS Church teaches. It is arrogance that you pretend to know what is taught in a church that you've learned about through the annals of anti-Mormon literature."
"Your web site is incredible. In particular your in-depth information to disprove Mormonism. Very in depth, and very useful to me for I know many Mormons who have yet to see the light of Christianity. Your works have aided me tremendously in helping to sway people to the Lord, so I reiterate, bless you." "I happen to be a Mormon and find your web page full of false information. . . I think you should really ask a missionary or a church authority (we do when we ask other churches about what they believe) what we believe and stop trying to interpret it just to make yourself look right and condemn us. Please get it right!"
"Great web site, I'm glad I found it. I have been witnessing to a JW for about 4 months and found some additional resources that I didn't already have at your site." "It is amazing that you would trust more in a book, the Bible, rather than God Himself. Who told you the Bible was true if it were not God Himself? . . . At least be honest as the Bible teaches and get it right. You have been a dishonest man, even if it be in ignorance."
"Thank you for making your teachings available on the web. It is encouraging to read and learn from other Christians I would otherwise not have been able to." "Matthew, I've tried very hard to help you, but you are a sick man, with a twisted concept of good. I will say that you do apparently believe in social Darwinism since you place anyone with differing views in hell. I will say this, you have an interesting and twisted mind."
"The Web site looks great. Very colorful, informative, and not too many graphics to get into quickly." "Sir, I am sorry that you feel this way. But it is wrong to write just absolute lies about our Church and you know they are."
"I just want to let you know that I think your ministry is wonderful and I am totally blessed being able to have free access to your web site. It's awesome." "I am writing to inform you of the invalidity of your web page entitled "A Biblical Response To Mormonism", in which you refer to the Church as a "cult", and to OUR (yours and mine) Jesus as the "wrong Jesus". Don't you think this is just a -bit- blasphemous to say? is my firm belief that your attempt to disprove or refute the Church is hurting your spirit."
"Just wanted to say "THANKS" for your pages on the web. I have been looking for information on the different religions just to gain an understanding of what they were all about and came across your site. I linked there from the Christian computing magazine web site." "Please don't lie. If you lie you have to make a lie up to cover up the first lie, then you have to make up a lie to cover up the second lie, then you have to make up a lie to cover up the third lie, then you have to make up a lie to cover up the fourth lie. Then you have to make up a lie to cover up the fourth lie. The cycle goes on and on. Oh my, please don't lie."
"I wanted to write and thank you for your web site. I am a young Christian wife in my early twenties who has been visited by a couple of Mormon young women over the past few months. . . . I have been at a loss to explain to them why I believe that or even to explain my own faith to them. . . . Your site has been the best thing I've stumbled upon so far. Thank you for setting things out so clearly. I guess at least I know where to start." "I just wanted to say how uninformed you seem to be as I read your page. You are taking things completely out of context and straying from the meaning in which the quotes were intended. I think you better do a little more research before you make such uninformed statements. It just doesn't work to lie to try to prove something wrong."
"Thanks for all the hard work and research you put into your site. I appreciate it." "I just came upon your web page. And I am sickened. . . . I think it is very UNchristian to belittle someone for their beliefs, no matter if you believe they are wrong."
"Blessings in Jesus. This is a great website, keep up the good work!!! "Your basis is pretty weak. You're basing a lot of "fact" on opinion that you are conjuring to convince people that what you're saying is true. . . . Think REAL hard. I know you're confident that what you're doing is by the grace of god, but how do you know that? Did he manifest to you through prayer that you are to build this Web Page."
"Many thanks for the excellent information that is provided on you page about Jehovah's Witnesses. . . A friend of mine who is in his final year at Theological College directed me to this page and I am most grateful to you for your help. I hope that you will continue to maintain these pages so that other Christians are better equipped to understand and evangelize to JWs. "Most of your arguments here are fault and full of incoherent reasoning, of course someone one such as your self that proclaims to be Christian but obviously can't stand other Christians is a man that is small, petty, low self-esteemed, with a pathetic existence whose only relief is to try to bring down others. GET A LIFE."
"I thoroughly enjoyed exploring you Christian Apologetics page on the Internet. . . I praise God for giving you the ability and the desire to research and unmask false doctrines in an easily understandable manner. It is important for all Christians today to reach out and take hold of God's promises, and to never cease in spreading the True Gospel to the ends of the earth." "I feel much hate from your web site. I can sense that you feel you are a very learned person with your Bachelor of "Liberal" Arts degree. You have created a church of man because of the pride in yourself. To know the truth, one must be humble first. What makes you think that your interpretations of the Bible are more correct than someone else's? Because you have a degree? The bible is a collection of many books of which their exists many contradictions. How do you determine which views to except as the truth? Maybe you should ask God in humbleness instead of relying on your own limited mind which you are so proud of."

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.