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Following are just a few of the many and continuingly degrading quotes lifted from universalist websites and emails to me over the past several months. I do not post on universalist websites and have not done so and I do not knowingly initiate emails to universalists. So, these quotes were unprovoked, at least by me -- except that the universalists do not like me exposing their teaching as unbiblical on CARM.

Judge for yourself how some universalists treat those who oppose them. Please realize that even though there are a very few universalists who are actually loving, far too many of them are condemning zealots. They continue to demonstrate hatred towards others who do not agree with universalism. This is dangerous because they want converts to their philosophy as if it is the way, the truth, and the life. Also, remember that they teach that God is infinite love and will forgive all. You'd think that they might practice what they preach and show more grace and love to people. But this isn't the case. If you do not agree with them, or if you write against their false view, they attack you -- continuously and say bad things about you in mocking and condescending ways. Obviously, this not Christian behavior.

So why keep a log of their posts? It is simply to show the inconsistency, hypocrisy, and hatred spewed by universalists on a regular basis towards those of us who consider universalism a false teaching. You become like what you follow. Why is it so many universalists are so hateful? Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Is this what becoming a universalist means you have to become?

What is so sad is that when you read their posts on their boards and their emails, you can really see how prideful they are. They mock others, use sarcasm, take cheap shots, and speak condescendingly about the "opposers to the truth of universalism." In fact, you get the sense that if you do not believe as they, you are not enlightened and you have a false gospel.

Anyway, here are some of the many posts I've collected recently. See for yourself as the continuing hatred is displayed by the universalists. My comments are in green:

  1. "I posted at that God forsaken Carm for years. It is a vast wasteland with nothing but waterless holes and tumbleweeds everywhere with blind religious wanna be's trying to help the blind."
    1. First, I believe his use of the term "G-d forsaken" is a violation of the command to not use God's name in vain. God's name (title included) should only be used in a respectful manner. Second, this poster is clearly upset that CARM condemns universalism which is why he has made the negative comments. He ignore the fact that CARM exposes cults, refutes atheism, relativism, evolution, preaches the gospel, and teaches sound doctrine. But, because CARM's position is against universalism, he has nothing good to say about CARM. Obviously, there is a little idolatry going on here regarding universalism.
  2. "The ET [eternal torment] intellects at CARM don't know a thing about "universalism," because they are blinded to all but a phony caricature of what most of us who believe Jesus is the Savior of all men actually believe. Fortunately, while Matt and his elves spar with their windmills, the truth stands as tall as ever."
    1. This goof shows that the poster is reacting to universalism being exposed as an error. I have had hundreds of encounters with universalists who have told me what they believe and have defended their position before me. I know what they teach and why, as do many others on CARM who reject the error of universalism. This person is simply trying to make it look like we are ignorant. We aren't.
  3. "I hope you don't hold it against Gary A. for speaking the Truth to Matt Slick...It was in that format that the fine Brother (Gary) brought me face to face with The Truth. I too was blocking the doors of heaven. And after Gary shoved it down my throat I had to say he was certainly right...FROM THE WORD saying so. Somebody HAS TO DELIVER THEM in the SPIRIT they were intended and that was no SOFT SPIRIT telling the Pharisees and Saducees they were of THEIR FATHER THE DEVIL!"
    1. What is sad about this quote is that it ignores the truly horrible things said to me and others who deny universalism. Amirault is extremely insulting and it seems that his followers like to call those of us who deny their error the worst kinds of names. How sad. Furthermore, notice that "blocking the doors of heaven" means that I don't preach universalism. I do, however, preach that Jesus is God in flesh, died for our sins, was buried and rose from the dead and that justification is by faith in Christ alone. Yet, simply because I deny universalism, I am blocking the doors of heaven. Notice that they equate universalism as being the true gospel. This is idolatry.
  4. "I believe that believing doctrines of demons, can make a person act like one, in wanting other people to suffer horribly."
    1. Here you can see how some universalists view the Bible's doctrine of eternal punishment. They call it a doctrine of demons. Now, with that kind of attitude you can see how much hatred can be spoken by them.
  5. Grace is a hard concept for religious people to grasp, because they are still trying to make themselves righteous in the Father's eyes. One day they will see that it wasn't what they did that counts, but what He did.
    1. This post aimed at believers in eternal damnation is yet another false caricature of those who oppose universalism. Please notice how this person accuses us of not understanding grace and trying to earn our own salvation. It is amazing to see this accusation of false doctrine raised against us, especially when we Christians deny and teach contrary to earning our own salvation.
  6. I suggest, Angel of mercy, that you extend to those who have perhaps just come out of the spiritual abuse of an ET church the same mercy you want for guys like Matt Slick. We don't know if that person just came back from a funeral of a best friend who committed suicide due to Slick's kind of theology. Diabolic would NOT be an exaggeration for this man's teachings. And the type of Calvinism he promotes has indeed put many people into institutions, deep depression and even suicide. I know that when Jesus came across people like Matt Slick, he didn't pussyfoot around, he didn't spend months softening them up. He spoke in a manner that any soldier of the kingdom had better learn to speak if in fact they are letting the Holy Spirit have His way. New Jerusalem is built upon the prophets and apostles of God. It would behoove us ALLL to read and take into consideration ALLLLL of their words and not be selective choosing only those words that suit our personality. You won't find many Doctor Spocks in the Bible if you find one at all. You'll find that the politically correct in the Bible were usually the enemies of God.
    1. By now it should be obvious that the universalists are fixated on me. Even though I rarely, if ever, post on any other boards on the internet (never on a universalist board), and even though there is no universalism discussion board on CARM, they continue to say bad things about me. Why? Because I oppose universalism. Note however, that I preach Jesus as God in flesh, Him crucified, dead, buried, risen from the dead, and that you must put your faith in Jesus to be saved. Yet, because I don't accept universalism, I am diabolical.  Amazing. When someone is this fixated on a philosophy over the preaching of the gospel, it is called idolatry.
  7. When unies are kind to Slick he accuses them of unie sloppy agape and when someone has the nerve to paint him as he really is, he whines about how unies don't exhibit love. He is a master baiter and it's easy to get hooked by him. His favorite preacher is Jonathan Edwards. Read the sermon Sinners in the hands of an angry god" and you'll get an idea of who Matt Slick is and his theology.
    1. This sad post pretty much needs no comment. But, for clarification, my favorite preaching is not Jonathan Edwards. Too bad that these universalists try and read minds. They aren't very good at it.
  8. It sure was good at making it clear that the god of the runner of that board is the same MONSTER Christians in general are trying to show the world they should love. I tried to respond and had to get a password and decided it just isn't worth wasting my fingers. They are some nasty and blind folks there, something like the god they worship.
    1. In other words, if you don't believe in universalism, then the God you believe in is a monster. It is amazing how fixated on universalism different people can become. They seem to be given over to this philosophy mentally and emotionally.

I hope that these posts make it clear that something is seriously wrong with the behavior of many universalists. Is this what believing universalism leads to?

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