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These food recipes are the product of the CARM discussion boards. On these discussion boards, we get about 40,000 page views a day.  So, a great deal of debate occurs in the area of religions, science, atheism, et cetera. And though many people are diametrically opposed to the worldviews of others, one thing is for sure. They all have to eat. Therefore, exchanging food recipes has become a sort of neutral ground where those of opposing "philosophical" positions can drop their guard and offer something to others that can be of benefit.

The results are these recipes. We hope that you enjoy them and that they give you many hours of delectable pleasure. Please feel free to print them, distribute them, and use them. If you have other good suggestions, please email them to CARM.

Also, CARM has received permission to use these recipes from the people who submitted them.  Our goal is to not violate any copyrights but to remain faithful to the law.  If you see anything here that is of potential concern, please let us know.

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If you want to submit a recipe, please do so by email.  Remember, some recipes are copyrighted so don't copy and paste something from a book or another website.  Type it out and send it in to us if it is your own recipe.  Also, please send it in this form.

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