Newsletter 01-14-09


 Security is a tenuous thing.  It is based on expectation, regularity, and trust.  We expect people to drive on the correct side of the road.  We depend on the regular routines of work, shopping, and church.  We trust doctors to know what they are doing.  But, our sense of security is sometimes at its weakest when it comes to trusting God for our everyday needs.

Economies grow strong and weak.  Our health improves and fails.  We lose our jobs.  We get sick.  We hope and we try to abide in faithfulness to God through everything that comes.  But, to be honest.  We struggle with keeping a peaceful and contented heart when that which undergirds our security is threatened.

If we lose our job, we worry about the bills.  If we get sick, we wonder if it is 'the big one'. Are our children going to do well when they grow up?  Will I have enough money to retire with?  Will my lack of medical insurance mean I'll end up going bankrupt?

Such concerns, which are part of life, are tests of our trust and hope in God as well as His faithfulness to us.  Sure, things can get tough.  Yes, we worry and fret.  But, think about your past.  Through the tough times have you "somehow" survived?  Did you experience unexpected blessings, support, and help through difficulties?  If you have, then you've experienced the support of God.  He knows what you need and when you need it.

Our security is ultimately in God and we need to live our lives as though that were especially true.  Remember, we are secure in His love for us, which was demonstrated in the cross, and His love means He will provide for us.  He will never leave us or forsake us (Heb. 13:5).  So, pray and ask Him to increase your trust and hope in Him as He works through situations to develop your sense of security in Him.


 It's been two months since we sent out a newsletter.  We apologize for this but Ryan and I have been extremely busy converting the site into a new CMS format -- to be released in 2-3 weeks.  Ryan will talk about it below, but it has taken all of our mental energy and focus.  Also, with the holidays we've been busy, out of town, etc.  But, we're back on track.

I'll be out of the state in California for a vacation (much needed) and will be back in the office later this month.  Ryan will be holding down the fort.
 The New CARM Website: Whew! Matt and I certainly have been busy since we sent the last newsletter out.  We have spent most of the past two months getting the new CARM site ready for release.  Yeah, this certainly is not glamorous work, but it is necessary.  We spent most of our time converting articles to the new CMS format, cleaning up old code, adding new information, etc.  Anyhow, we are basically done that process and we should release the site in the next few weeks.
CARM headquarters in South America:  CARM has been in contact with a Christian man named Carlos Garbiras who lives in Bogota, Columbia.  Carlos has a passion to reach the Spanish speaking world in the area of Christian apologetics.  Over the past few months he has been helping us translate most of the CARM website into Spanish and has finished about 25% of the relevant CARM articles.  He hopes to have all of the main articles translated in a few months.
Once he has completed the translation work, we plan on releasing a Spanish apologetics website.  We already have the domain name and he is registering the Spanish version of CARM in his country and other Latin American ones.  It will take at least three months before we release the site in Spanish.  Anyhow, Carlos will run the ministry out of Bogota Columbia named Ministerio de Apologética e Investigación Cristiana under CARM's supervision and guidance.  It has truly been a blessing to find such a passionate individual as him.  We intend for the Spanish Site to support him full time.  And, we plan to go to Bogota in a few months to meet him in person, speak at churches, and further establish the ministry there.
Finally, we are looking for bilingual Spanish speaking people who would be interested in helping CARM with the outreach to the Spanish speaking world.  We need email responders, Power Point producers, programmers, etc.  Please contact Ryan at if you are interested.
Also, we need people who'd like to do the same thing in another country.  If you know of someone, please let us know.

 Due to Matt going on vacation for these next several days, I will be hosting the CARM radio show. On Wednesday through Friday of this week, I plan on discussing "Has the Bible been accurately copied?" and "How do we choose a good Bible translation?"  Next week, I will be interviewing a number of different individuals including Marcia Montenegro of regarding "Oprah's Spirituality and Its Effect on America."  To listen, please visit
 What the Heck?

This feature is not so we can make fun of anyone.  This is serious stuff.  It is to show what kind of thinking is out there.  We regularly get stuff like this.  Pray for this ministry.

Dear Pigs you must be very careful. Somebody calling himself your representative has insulted all muslims through an article. We will try to track him down and send him to hell prematurely. As for those of you there paying to do the dirty job, will wait for you patiently for the day you come to africa and deal with you. Mallam - Ghana

Love and Hate Mail
Hate MailJust looked at your website. Your information is wrong and aimed at discrediting Islam. What gives you the right to inflict your lies about Islam on this site. May Allah send you straight to hell on judgement day, Insh' make a great argument in the case of aionion life and universalism but i find it quite rediculous that you do the same thing...for every verse you argue its context context context but you your self are also guilty of the same hypicritical this case you translate every time that aionion means forever cause you look at the context but sorry sir you your self do not know whether yours is the right context or prove it by having no facts or real evidence thats what God meant when he inspired the words you yourself sir are guilty of the same the question i ask is why does it everytime have to be translated into the same word "eternal"? i find it very sick that you would want to see your loved ones be barbequed in fire forever and ever just because they denied jesus you sir are no better then they DevinLove MailHi Matt, I listened to the podcast where you talked about the value of being a stay at home mom.  I am a homeschooling stay at home mom and my husband wants me to go to work.  I really needed to hear that what I am doing has value.  Thank you very much for encouraging me.  I will pray for your ministry as there is great value for that, especially in the current climate of growing secularism.  Please pray the Lord would provide us with extra income so I can continue do what I feel He has called me to do.  Blessings, New listener- RebeccaI just wanted to take the time and tell you, God bless you, and the work you are doing on your web-site, and your radio pod casts.  I have found your incite into the good news inspiring and enlightening.  I have often questioned things I have been told by well meaning Christians and after further research, realized how lost some are in the fine grain of the tapestry, when all they really need to do is step back and look with their heart and see the truth.  You are very knowledgeable; and yet, you don't allow the wisdom to cloud your mind with crazy legalism. Thank you, MichaelDear friends, I just wanted to thank you for your great website.  I have been doing research on Islam, and I found your site a great resource.  Matt's loving approach to Muslims is such a great witness.  I have been particularly interested in the implications of the horrific, rampant anti-Semitism in the Muslim world.  I first came into contact with this decades ago, when I was still an atheist left winger.  I knew Palestinians who eventually let me see some of their real, shocking anti-Semitic attitudes.  I think you understand that I am not talking about mere criticisms of Israel.  Since becoming a Christian and dropping politics, I have tried to discuss the little I knew just a few times with my non-Christian, liberal family and friends.  I have been met every time with an iron curtain of disbelief and denial.  What I had to say was definitely not politically correct.  But I was shocked that there was never any acknowledgement that I was talking about real experiences I had had, not something I had read about in books.  I was talking about educated, cultured Muslims I had actually known.  After another such encounter at Thanksgiving this year, I felt impelled to research what the story actually was.  I found out enough both to confirm the vague ideas I had and to greatly disturb me.  I am not sure what to do with my new-found expertise, but I am grateful to you for your help in acquiring it.  Yours in Christ, Elizabeth


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