CARM Newsletter 01-24-08


Atheist Conference    From March 21 to 23, I  will be in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the 34th annual atheist conference.  A friend of mine will be going with me and we hope to possibly do some on camera interviews while we were there.  I went to the last one in Seattle and actually found it to be enjoyable.  Unfortunately, a lot of the presentations in the Seattle conference were filled with attacks on Christianity that weren't very well done.  I expect a lot more quality substance on their part.  But, there wasn't much at all.  We'll see what happens at this next conference.



Love and Hate Mail

Hate Mail
Do you even read the BIBLE?  Because your ignorance surpasses any knowledge of  reading the whole bible. Do you only believe in certain books? Because you leave out teachings of books as part of your doctrine
I think your website is hystericall. I laughed so hard at the things you believe. It's actually very sad and I will keep you in my oneness prayers.
You're wasting your life, guys.  Unfortunately, you will experience the consequence of that in the hereafter. I'm sure your families and close ones feel those consequences now.  A slight change could pay off later on.  Eat a grapefruit!
You should really check your facts about The Church Of Latter Day Saints!!!   You have pieces but your not there. I can call the Missionaries for You. Or have someone in your area stop by and clue you in.   If you have never been a Mormon or had any friends that are how do you think that you "know so much" about being a Mormon??   Your page really baffled me!!   Have a great day!!
With no disrespect, I think you should set a better example because this website will turn alot of would be Christians trying to figure out what is true and not true, away from becoming a Christian.  This is just my opinion. I love everyone and accept everyone. Sorry and have a nice day.
Love Mail
I just want to thank you so much for your radio show last night on the correct teachings of the Deity of Christ.  You blew it out of the box brotha!!  It was awesome.  I'm going to listen to this podcast like a thousand times.  I am also in the process of teaching my wife correct Christian doctrine because she couldn't argue her way out of a wet paper  I want her to be more confident in her faith and be able to articulate the particulars if needbe.  You are such a blessing man, I wish you would do more teachings like this....this stuff is GOLD...thanks man, and God Bless you and your family,
WOW!!!!!!!!! There is a lot of info on you web sight! THANKS! I've only just discovered it but made an immediate donation. THANKS SO MUCH!
I just want to let you know that I love your site; it's an excellent resource for me to read, learn, and share. Keep up the work!
You keep up your hard work.  I smile and receive every e-mail with a joyful heart.  I am praying for your ministry and your family.

Matt Slick
CARM President


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.