CARM Newsletter 01/28/2002


I am sure that all of you know how busy life can get sometimes, that is why the newsletter has not been out for a couple of weeks.  I got very busy, flu in the family, work, recovering from the alien abduction (my legs still don't work right), etc.,  But, it just means that there are a few more good things to mention.  The most important that I can think of is an email I received last week where someone told me that because of CARM, he has left the Christadelphian cult.  That was one of the best things I'd heard in a long time, next to the email from the week before where someone told me he became a Christian because of the "Jesus saves" link on CARM.  All I can say is praise God.  It is great to be used.

About a month ago, the Lord put it on my heart to write about the Christian Church; at least, I hope it was the Lord and not some anonymous burrito I ate.  Anyway, over the years through teaching seminars and Bible studies, encountering Christians on the web, via email, etc., I have discovered that Christians, as a whole, do not know their Bibles very well.  I'm not talking about memorizing the New Testament.  I'm talking about the basics.  Also, as is obvious to many, there is definitely an apostasy moving through many of the churches that claim the name of Christ.  For example, some churches approve of homosexuality (or just don't condemn it), or gender-neutral scriptures, or women as pastors (that'll get some comments).  Add to this an apathy concerning the Great Commission and the Christian Church at large is in trouble.  Of course, that is not to say that all churches are approving of homosexuality, or women pastors, or gender neutral scriptures.  Praise God that there are many great Christian churches out there.

Therefore, I have released a section on CARM called "to the Christian Church."  The title is a bit presumptuous I admit.  Of course, I am not an apostle, nor prophet, nor am I claim authority on anything.  I am just a guy named Slick who has seen some things in the Church that are not good and who wants to write about them.  Hopefully, the Lord will use the writings to encourage people to take God's word more seriously and to stand on the truth of His word and not upon social agendas.

"Your website has been an invaluable tool as I have led and am leading my Sunday School class in a study of Islam, Mormonism and Jehovah' Witness. Thank you so much for following the vision I'm sure the Lord gave you."  Jim.

"May God bless you and your ministry.   I am trying to get my in-laws out of the Jehovah's witnesses.  Your site has helped me very much !    It has even led me to study the bible in Greek and Hebrew.    Their New World Translation is indeed diabolically deceptive." Erik

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I appreciate the website.  It is one of the most thorough and complete apologetics site I have seen as well as provides very useful information about false teachings.  Let this be an encouragement to you that God is definitely using you and your website ministry to reach others.  Keep the faith!!"  Jason

I have been offered an opportunity to go to Salt Lake City, Utah to pass out anti-Mormon literature at the Temple Square.  We have a lawyer who has made sure everything is legit.  As you know, the Olympics will be there as will thousands upon thousands of people taking a look at Mormonism.  Hopefully, we can stop as man as possible from joining this non-Christian cult.

A good friend of mine named Bill McKeever who has a web site at and who is the author of several books on Mormonism, has invited me to do this with him.  Of course, to go I would need to take several days off of work.  As it stands, I cannot afford to do this.  Therefore, I am asking for donations to help cover the wages I would lose for missing four days of work.  The plan is for me to fly up to Salt Lake City on a Tuesday night (Feb. 12th), meet Bill, and join him and a few other Christians in distributing 100,000 pieces of literature to the public.  Five days later, I'd drive back with Bill to San Diego.

If you are interested in supporting this project, and enabling me to go, please send a check to CARM, P.O. Box 995, Meridian, ID, 83680.  Mark the check with "SLC" and I will hold on to it.  If there is enough to cover the days off from work, I will cash the checks.  If there is not enough, then in the next email newsletter I'll let everyone know I couldn't go and I'll tear up the checks.   Of course, if I go, I'll have a lot to write about.  It is always eventful doing something like this.

It looks like there will be a CARM convention in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas area on the weekend of June 23rd, 2002.   Kevin Harris, a friend of mine out there, has arranged to have a large Church host the event.  The Church has a membership of 3000 with a great facility.  Kevin is involved in Christian in Dallas and as the time draws near, I will purchase advertising airtime for the convention.  He said he'd really promote it over the air.  The Dallas, Fort Worth area is the largest Christian market in the world for radio, so it should be good.  There is also a large contingent of atheists and cultists in the area as well.  Who knows, maybe we'll get some debates going.  For now, it looks like we will have a Friday evening opening and a Saturday of about six hours of lectures, panels, etc..   It should be a very good time.   I will keep you posted.

If any of you would be interested in attending, please return e-mail me and let me know.  It would be helpful to know how many people would be interested in attending.




About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.