CARM Newsletter 02-19-08


Please pray for me because over the past several weeks I have been sick several times. There is a new virus going around that knocks you on your keester for several days and then goes dormant and comes back. How true that is. So, after the usual fever and coughing that goes on for a couple or three weeks, I finally got through the ordeal -- though I still have a bit of congestion.  Whew!
Now, if that weren't enough, on Thursday, Valentine's Day, I experienced a new aspect of our fallen world: a kidney stone. A kidney stone is about the size of a grain of sand but when it passes through your system it feels like a jagged rock the size of a baseball. All the stories I had heard about kidney stones being extremely painful are quite true. I went to the emergency room where they did a CAT scan and gave me morphine. Even through the morphine the pain level was a steady nine on a scale of one to 10. It was four hours of hell. But it taught me a lesson. I am getting older and my body isn't as "pristine" as it used to be. Therefore, the wake-up call of a kidney stone and several weeks of being sick off and, has gotten my attention, in spite of my rather thick skull.  I am taking a lot better care of myself now. I'm changing my diet and exercising. Enough is enough!



Love and Hate Mail

Hate Mail
You are an idiot.  That's all.
I know a witness they are not a cult maybe you should do better research they do belive in christ and his ressurection and salvation threw him.YOU MY FRIEND ARE IGNORANT.
The church won't prepare you for life. It teaches to you to believe in an imaginary friend who doesn't answer prayers, who isn't there for you, and who won't be there for you in the end. 53% of this country thinks the earth is younger than the domesticated dog thanks to the Christian faith, and I need to grow up? Yeah, you're real awesome. Get offended by my language, because sadly it's just to hard for you to read it without fearing for my sorry Atheist soul right? And as for illogic, YOU have the burden sir. Not I. Do what every Christian does. Turn my problems with your faith around on me. You're pathetic and weak. Have a good life.
I am sad to see that you have the spirit of the Pharasees... all letter of the Law (scripture),  but no spirit or understanding.
Love Mail
I just wanted to say thank you for your efforts in bringing understanding to the Word of God. For years I wanted to learn about God’s Word but I never could find a way to have it broken down to me in a way I can understand and most importantly, apply it to my life and to the lives of my youth.  I’m sure you get plenty of letters like this but I want to say God Bless You and I pray that CARM continues to reach the masses the world over.
Dear Matt, my name is Joseph, and I remember listening to your radio show back when it first started. You gave me the word when I was an infant, thank you, your labor did not fail to produce fruit in me. It sparked a pure love for the Lord. Thanks again
Wow i love the hate mail lol. keep strong in the faith. share gods words even when met with extremist. I am praying for your ministry.
Your ministry is desperately needed in the world today. I am happy to read your newsletters. Loving Christ and being a Christian is so deeply embedded in my soul that it takes me by surprise every time I encounter someone who questions it. Your site really helps me with answers that every cell in my body already knows but I have never had to verbalize. I am helping to teach the ALPHA course in our church. At first I thought it was only for those who are lost but it is for anyone really. It is a wonderful way of having strong individual knowledge of Our dear Christ, God the father himself and the one that moves us the Holy Spirit. It is a great course and I'm sure you know of it. Anyway thank you for these great newsletters. Your effort is not unnoticed, it kind of inspired me to participate in ALPHA.
My wife and I enjoy your site. Thanks for all your efforts.

Matt Slick
CARM President


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.