CARM Newsletter 02/18/2002

First of all, I want to thank all of you who contributed financially to me going up to Utah for the Olympics. It is only because of your faithfulness and support that I was able to go. You directly made it possible for me to be there and pass out the information. Thank you very much.... again, thank you.

It was a great trip. I started off at the airport here in San Diego. The check-in person at the airline took one look at me and had me go over to another area where my luggage was thoroughly searched. I got a kick out of this and wondered what it was about me that prompted a search. I hope it wasn't because I was wearing a ski mask, had a large jacket, and moved around nervously. Anyway, I got past that search OK, went through the metal detector (where armed guards were watching), and finally made it to the boarding area. As we got on the plane I was singled out again for a search. I had to take off my shoes and belt, empty my pockets, etc., and they did the magic wand routine checking me out from head to toe.  Curious.  Anyway, I made it onto the plane and Utah lay ahead.

I was picked up around midnight by Bill McKeever (  He has a large anti-mormonism website and is the author of several books. He coordinated a lot of people up there. Anyway, we got up early, took the trolley to Temple Square, discovered what it felt like to be in 22 degree weather, and got right to work passing out papers in front of the "Crossroads" mall entrance which was directly across from Temple Square.  It was a very interesting time.

Within the first 10 minutes I was surrounded by several Mormonism missionaries and was debating Mormon theology with them. They laughed. They told me I did not know what I was talking about. Of course, I do know what I am talking about and pressed them on points of their doctrine about God from another world and about their goddess mother. They stopped laughing. After that, they wanted nothing more to do with me and left. I then turned to the crowd and continued to pass out literature. The day went on and it got colder. I watched hordes of people pass by.  Some were obviously Mormons and others who were tourists. Many did not understand what we "anti-Mormons" were doing there and didn't care, but the Mormons knew.   They hated us being there.

Lots of people took the information.  We passed out thousands and thousands of papers.

I remember one night on the north side of Temple Square.  I was at a stoplight waiting for the people to cross the street and go to the "Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Conference Center" on the other side.  The light would turn red and people would have to wait on the corner for the light to change so they could cross. I took the opportunity to speak up loudly and say "Free information comparing Mormonism with Christianity." That got their attention and quite a few of them gave me angry glares. There would be 20, 30, and sometimes 40 people at the time on the corner waiting for the light to change so they could escape hearing what I was saying. I remember watching them walk towards the conference center... all those Mormons heading on to deception, going to hear the words of their leaders, all the while thinking that they were in the truth and that they were Christians.  It is so sad that they are being led astray and will suffer eternally for it.  They did not want to hear what I said and they did not want to take the information.  But, thankfully, a few did anyway.

The next night I went to the same corner at 8:00 PM. That is when the conference center let out. If you have ever been at the ocean standing on the sand where the water breaks and washes over your feet and you watch the waves repeatedly come towards you and crash on the shore, then you would have an idea of what it was like to stand on the corner and watch the waves of people heading towards me with each change of the signal. I would estimate that there were groups of 200 or more Mormons who would cross the street at a time heading right for me. I waited until they hit the sidewalk and then I raised up my papers and shouted "Free information comparing Mormonism with Christianity." They kept coming and coming with each stop light. They walked around me, to my left, to my right, in front and in back of me. One Mormon bumped me with his shoulder on purpose. I glanced at him as he walked away quickly and disappeared into the crowd.  It motivated me to shout all the louder so all could hear "Free information comparing Mormonism with Christianity. They are not the same." I was met with more angry glares, sometimes mocking words, and always with disdain.

I do not blame them for getting mad. They think they are saved. They think that they are in the truth. What they see is their majestic "restored" religion with prophets who are guiding them and who have led them to build such a great religious empire not only in Utah but also around the world with more than 100 temples and thousands of Mormon churches.  They see their missionary efforts and daily converts by the hundreds.  They have been told that they are true church and they believe it.  So, when they saw some "wacko" distributing literature and shouting out to the crowd, I am sure they looked upon me with pity as well as anger.  But what they do not realize is that what I was seeing is waves and waves of people who have been deceived by a false gospel invented by Joseph Smith. These poor people serve a false God and do not realize that on the day of judgment they will be cast into hellfire. I thought of this as I watched them walk away.  It motivated me to keep speaking.  For some reason, it seemed particularly cold that night.

I remember a very interesting conversation I had with a Mormon. Now, I must first tell you that this is not a typical conversation. But it is certainly worth mentioning. This Mormon and I were discussing the differences between Mormonism and Christianity and he told me that he believed that God the Father had a body of flesh and bones. I quoted to him John 4:24 where Jesus said that God is spirit. I then quoted Luke 24:39 where Jesus says that a spirit does not have flesh and bones. I told the man that we can easily conclude that since God the Father is a spirit and spirit does not have flesh and bones, then the Father does not have a body of flesh and bones. His reply was unbelievable. He said, "I don't care what Jesus said. I know what I believe and I know what the truth is." Of course, after that comment I realized that there wasn't much more that I could say. This man would not believe Jesus. Therefore, he would not believe me.

Another time a few of us were discussing Mormonism with Mormons and our conversation went on for about one-half hour. I won't get into the detailed discussion but I can tell you that when the Mormon left, it was quite obvious that his testimony of the "truth" of Mormonism had been severely compromised. Several of us notice this.  I only pray that the Lord would be gracious to him and save him.

The days went on the like this. Sometimes we would pass out hundreds of papers with few conversations and sometimes we would have lots of discussions and pass out lots of papers. All of us were eager to tell the Mormons the truth. All of us were eager to tell the non-Mormons what Mormonism really taught and that it was not Christian.

We certainly do not know what effect the information we gave out will have on those who read it. All we can do is trust the Lord that the effort put forth would be used by Him for His glory. With thousands of papers distributed you know for sure that the lives of many people have been affected and changed for the better because of it.

This is how it was for days.  We stood there in the cold and passed out literature for six to eight hours a day.  We took breaks, ate, talked, and went back out there.  I thank the Lord for the opportunity to do it.

All of you who prayed and who contributed financially for this outreach, will have your share in the reward that will be received on that day when Jesus Christ judges the works of the believers. I know you didn't help out to get some reward, but because you believe in the ministry to the lost.  We need more people like you.  Thank you.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.