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Welcome to the March 03, 2007 Newsletter

My apologies for missing last week's newsletter. I was very busy and there wasn't all that much to say anyway.

Jesus' tomb
As some of you may be aware of, there is a new attack on Christianity. James Cameron, the director of the Terminator movies along with the movie Titanic, has produced a documentary which will be aired this weekend, that proposes they have found the tomb of Jesus along with his wife, Mary Magdalene, and his son. The application is that Jesus died and was buried in a tomb along with his family. I have produced a response which can be found at  At the bottom of the article is a link for the Microsoft Word version so that you can either print the article off the web, or download the Word version and print it out that way.

Please feel free to print the article up and distribute it as much as you'd like.  Christians need to be prepared and have a ready defense to the obvious threat to Christianity that the documentary poses.

I hope that it is helpful to you and others. Remember, this is an opportunity to witness for the Lord and to present a rational defense for the Christian faith.

Two New CARM workers
George Mueller, the 19th century man who built orphanages in England, sought to do the will of God and trust in the Lord to provide for the needs of the Ministry with which he had been entrusted.  Mueller said that where God guides, God provides.  He would pray and ask the Lord to meet the needs and then step out in faith.

When I started CARM in October of 1995, I had no idea it would grow to what it is today.  CARM has become such a presence on the Internet that the work load it has generated is well beyond my capacity to keep up.  Therefore, I decided to hire two people on a part-time basis.

Diane has been working with CARM on a volunteer basis for about seven years.  She has selflessly and tirelessly devoted thousands of hours to this Ministry.  She is truly a woman sent from God.  Therefore, I have decided to pay her $200 a month.  It isn't much and I truly wish CARM generated enough to pay her a full-time salary, but the reality is we don't have it.

Also, there is a woman who attends out church named Deborah who has expressed interest in helping out at CARM.  Her unbelieving husband divorced her a couple of years ago and is refusing to pay her support.   I decided to hire her, for $200 a month also.  This will help her and me.  She will come into the office once a week and do administrative work -- the thing my brain is not wired for.  This will set me free to focus more on research, writing, teaching, developing audio lessons, etc.  Praise God.

My wife, who is on the Board of Directors, agrees with me that I desperately need lots of help (I don't think she was referring to mental and emotional help, but should could have been).  Anyway, I will do as Mueller says and trust the Lord to provide the finances for these two women as I faithfully step forward to meet the needs of this Ministry.

Please pray for the continued success, development, and reach of CARM.

Love and Hate Mail

CARM is constantly getting e-mails of thanks and praise and condemnation.  Here are a the raw.  (At the suggestion of a reader, the hate mail is first so that the last taste in your mouth, is the love mail).

  • Hate mail:
    • YOU are in error
    • Welcome to the I HIGHLY disagree with what you people think of Wicca. Maybe you know about Wicca a little but if you were into it you would know whats good and what is evil. Wiccans  DON'T need help you do! You people are SO close-minded I actually feel sorry for you! Maybe the devil is in you people some how...Did you think of that? I bet not. And actually Wiccans don't hate any other religion, we respect them. But sometimes (like this) people make Wiccans mad and then Wiccans start hating the other religion because you people are so close-minded. Maybe you should try actually listening to Wiccans and then write about it. Don't pay attentition to little 13-16 year olds, because they havent found where they belong yet. And that probably because they have close-minded parents. WICCA IS NOT EVIL! And you should CHANGE almost every thing you wrote about it. Post this on your site so other Wiccans can see, unless you think we are "evil" and will harm you in some way.
    • Welcome to theTo me, it sounds as though the authors of your website are playing God; the tone and arguments appear very judgemental and pedantic.  It is not our responsibility as Christians to make others feel unwelcome or uncomfortable within our faith.  I would argue it is the exact opposite.  So, I would like to express my deep dissappointment in your website and my deep regret for anyone who has felt insulted or shunned by your words.

    Welcome to the

  • Love mail
    • I am a wiccan and just wanted to say thankyou very much for being so honest about wicca.
      Thankyou for clearing up the misconceptions. I've see so many religious websites that spread lies and try to start arguement , and I was so pleased to finally visit a website that tries to do the opposite ^.^ thanks again, blessed be

    • Thanks for the good job you do at carm. I have been a consistent visitor of your site for about two years now and I must say am greatfull for the great support I have recieved from it. Here in Kenya too there is great need to raise up Christians who not only know doctrine but who can also defend their faith, and being a young apologist I know am one of those the Lord has called for this work. Your website has been of great help towards my getting the information that I need to this end.

    • On the subject of “Has the tomb of Jesus been found” yours is the first rational “paper” I’ve seen published.  Many thanks to you from the Christian chat group here and myself.


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