CARM Newsletter 03-09-06

Welcome to the March 9, 2006 Newsletter

PowerPoint to Flash

In the previous newsletter I stated that I planned to convert free PowerPoint presentations for teaching into flash. I'm asking for recommendations on what would be the best PowerPoint to flash conversion tool. Researching them on the Internet is useful, but it is difficult to know which is best without actually trying them and most of them don't let you try them. So, if you are someone who uses a tool like this and/or has expertise in this area and can make a strong recommendation, please let me know at I want the flash presentations to be as high-quality as possible and to do that, it is necessary to purchase an expensive flash conversion programs. They often cost several hundred dollars. So, I need to be wise in my selection. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Full Time Status!

My second week of full-time status is going well. I think the Lord that he has granted me this opportunity and through the continued support of the body of Christ, I will be able to continue. If you value CARM and the effort that me, as an Internet missionary, is exercising in the furthering of the gospel, please consider supporting me financially. You can go to and sign up for any amount donation. Please understand that I do not enjoy trying to raise support but it is sometimes necessary. So, please consider supporting CARM financially. Thank you.


  • Love mail:
    • I'm pleased to report that with CARM's help I led an Iraqi to Christ. I found her in one of the Yahoo chat rooms which I minister in almost nightly. In fact the Holy Spirit sent me to the health and wellness section, the Depression Support room tonight.  I PMed her and began dialoguing I shared some comforting scripture passages and the seeker section from CARM.  The harvest was ripe, she accepted Christ with all her heart Praise God and right off the bat she had a hungry heart to learn.  We started off with the dual nature of Christ and I took her to the hypostatic union page. She was so enthusiastic about it that she spent 20 minutes on it and stated she never knew that Christ was God and man.  It quickened her heart and she desired to learn more and went to the home page and said, "I'm gonna read in this website as much as possible tomorrow. ok thank you so much for everything." There ya have it, Praise God for all your efforts Matt, its making a difference for the Kingdom in a mighty way.  Shalom, Brother John
    • I just wanted to send a thanks for this amazing website. Keep it up and God Bless.  Nick
    • Just wanted to let you know that I love your site.  I stumbled upon it looking for info on parables but you have so much information and factual data I am like a kid in a candy store.  This site will be such a blessing in my Sunday School teachings as well as my dealings with my Oneness friends.  Keep up the good work.  I hope to be able to bless you with an offering soon.  Jason
    • Recently discovered your website. Absolutely love it!! God bless you mightily! You remind me of the late great Dr. Walter Martin. Thank you for your wonderful work. I will be sharing it.  Paula
    • Just dropping you a quick line, thanks so much for your website. It was EXACTLY what I needed to find. I am totally into logic. I appreciate the balance between scripture and reasoning. And the sound teaching.  I appreciate the topics on sexuality. These topics are something that the church is dreadfully silent on. If there is no input from the Church, then it is 100% easier to believe what the world is saying, because there is no opposing view. The default gets chosen. WE NEED TO HEAR about it from a biblical view. Beth
    • Thank you for your answers and discussions, they've been a great help to me. I recently stumbled onto the website and I couldn't stop reading; I also deal with a lot of apologetic type questions and debates, and it is definitely reaffirming to see different ways of tackling problems.
  • Hate mail:
    • I would like to responsibly report an error at this URL: "" . At this URL and almost all pages under its domain it is stated either implicitly or explicitly that God exists. This is a major error and i recommend you correct it to uphold the integrity and believability of your site.  Solidus
    • Based on info at to whom it concerns, ur accusations of JWs are false and should be changed. First of all, as one of JWs I KNOW we are christians. The basic beliefs of christianity, are that jesus died for mankind in order to counteract the imperfection and sin that Adam passed to us, and that Jesus id gods son, and thru him u can find ur salvation. Also the bible is their sacred text, you have to give us THAT!! Your hypocritical accusations are only what the KING JAMES DOES, a few years ago it have Jehovah's name, why not now? Have we ever changed the NWT NO!!!! Lastly I MET a witch PERSONALLY, she admitted that the cross IS CURRENTLY their sign, and all of these so called CHRISTIAN HOLIDAYS ARE WHAT SHE DOES!!! WHY BECAUSE IT IS SATAN RUN AND EXACTLY THE SAME as WIKEN!!! same beliefs, contridicting beliefs are easily manuvered so that FORNICATION AND PAGAN ACTIVITIES ARE DONE ALMOST COMPLETELY THE SAME, every sight you write about us is incorrect in one way or another, u probably apostates or influenced by them. Please get ur facts strait and Identify us correctly.  Annonymous
    • Hello. Here is the best advice you will ever get, and it's not insulting. If you are Christian then become more Christ-like. What is on your site is considered bashing, and Christ taught through love. It's the Lord's job to judge, not yours. You can keep trying without bashing others, and if you can't do that, then I suggest you stop.  Kaleb

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.