CARM Newsletter 03-13-07


In San Diego

I will be in San Diego for the rest of this week, March 14th through the 17th.  Hopefully, by God's grace, I will be able to get into a prison in Mexico, deliver a short message, and minister to those they are.  My wife's brother is incarcerated in that prison (for a sentence of five years) and this is an opportunity to point him to Jesus as well as minister to others.  Please pray for my safety and the safety of others who are involved in preaching and teaching God's Word.

Pray for Tanner

Kevin Harris is a friend of mine who is a Christian apologist in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  He has filled in on my radio show more than once.  I just found out that his son has been in the hospital with very bad case of pneumonia.  They had to operate on him in order to allow him to breathe.  He has a large to in his side that is draining fluid from his lungs.  It looks like he is out of the woods.  If you remember, please pray for him.


Monday's Radio Show

It isn't very often that I mention a particular radio show from Faith and Reason, the program hosted by CARM.  But, last night's show, March 12, was very interesting.  I arranged for a pastor to call in and discuss the issue of the Trinity.  He denied it, as well as the deity of Christ, and best I could extract from him, he denies that Jesus is also a man.  Our conversation was typical in that many standard arguments against the deity of Christ were used.  I answered them and asked him many questions.  It was apparent that he was not equipped to deal with the counter arguments.  But what became most enlightening was when I found out that is he had written what is, apparently, a new book that is inspired.  It is a book of Edward.  If you are interested in the podcast, please go to  I think you might enjoy it.

Jesus' tomb

In light of the documentary that appeared on TV regarding the so-called lost tomb of Jesus, I produced an article located at  The feedback has been very positive and the article has been accessed over 12,000 times since February 26 when I first released it.  Many people have e-mailed me thanking me for it and letting me know they have printed it up, distributed at church, at Bible studies and friends who had questions.  Praise God.


Love and Hate Mail

CARM is constantly getting e-mails of thanks and praise and condemnation.  Here are a the raw.  (At the suggestion of a reader, the hate mail is first so that the last taste in your mouth, is the love mail).

  • Hate mail:
    • You are doctrinally an infantile! You are destroying and damaging the Christian faith by doing the work of Satan. A wolf in sheep's clothing. Every prophecy of the Prophet Joseph Smith has either come to pass or will come to pass, including his prophecy that the U.S. Gov. was "overthrown". This is very clearly and illusion to the War Between the States and only an unholy, unworthy and foolish pretender to the understanding of the scriptures would make such statements.   I hope lay aside your doctrinal differences and become a more civil and thoughtful person. But, if not, you shall stand before the Judgment Bar of Christ.
    • I have succeeded in drawing out the demon. you hypocrite why do you behold the mote in your brothers eye first get the beam out of your own eye then you can see clearly to HELP your brother with his mote. I stand as a witness against you in the day of judgment. you take stuff out of context to match what it is you believe. do not respond to me ever again you are an abuser of the innocents. YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED. the Bible also teaches killing and if the Holy prophet Muhammad married a child that child was given to him in LEGAL marriage by her family and the marriage wasn't consummated until she was of age. these sorts of arrangements go on even now in today's world in the same fashion. in fact Hagar who was the handmaiden of Sarah was given to the prophet Abraham in LEGAL marriage she was also a child or at least she was very young. I have God on my side and beware The angels walk with me. now do not contact me again. clean up your act mind set your affairs in order you WARMONGER.
    • First, I don't have the number for your radio show and Second, you would probably cut me off, because you don't want the truth out in the public; Third, God is some nebulous floating spirit with no identity among the clouds. Finally, unless you have seen God you really don't know what he is, except what your tradition and feeling tells you he is; my is equally valid. So, if you want to play the game that your theory is better than mine go ahead. I can tell you I know by the power of the Holy Ghost; you will say the same, wont you? So, in fact, you are extremely arrogant to discount a theory regarding the existence of God. And further, the truth is, Joseph Smith can be just as much a Prophet as Moses; How do you know he wasn't; because his concept of God; doesn't fit your "silly and foolish" concept? Your God is impersonal and estranged from his worshippers; a nebulous incoherent spirit; floating around in Space. Why? Is it because your lack of understanding makes it so?
  • Love mail:
    • I visited your site for the first time today and I must say that it entails a wealth of information that has helped me come to a better overall understanding of some important issues. My experience as a Christian has been in an environment mostly void of information other than a strait line " this is the way it is" theology I knew in my heart there was more to the story than what id been told, Keep up the good work.
    • God bless your ministry. Praise and Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!!!, Ill keep you in my prayers as well as me in yours. God bless again!
    • I've been listening to the podcast and browsing the site and the various articles for the past few months now and I'm VERY impressed! This site is a fantastic resource for upcoming apologists and Christians in general, and the radio show is fascinating. Two thumbs way up for the full contact theologian.
    • II want to encourage you that the radio program, website and newsletter are a tremendous blessing to me and I tell other believers I meet about them. I am enrolled in all three schools. I have finished the School of Theology and I am in the middle of the School of Apologetics. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to our God in these endeavors. I am praying that God would strengthen you, give you rest and helpers to carry on the good work. I thank God for you my brother. May He continue to bless you and your family.

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.