CARM Newsletter 03/12/2002

Most people have personality quirks.  I definitely have mine, just ask my wife.  One of my quirks is that I like a good debate.  It relaxes me, makes me feel good, helps me process the stress of the day, etc.  I know, kinda weird.  Well, one of the ways I get to debate is on the internet on Paltalk ( where I sometimes go to the atheist rooms and try to have a polite conversation.  Of course, part of the real reason I am there is to get insulted because I know that even though I'm polite, they won't be.  For some strange reason, I like it when the atheists levy denigrating vituperations at me.  I honestly try and present biblical truth to them in a loving manner, but they aren't interested.  Instead, they tend to insult me, a lot.  Now, not all atheists are vindictive, a very few are thoughtful and polite.  But, there sure are a lot of obstreperous atheists on the Internet.  Following are some of the many insults I've received from them in the past three days.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

  1. "You brain dead idiot.  Take your brain dead hypocritical sorry self and leave."
  2. "You lying sack of crap."
  3. "Matt you fool."
  4. "You play mind games."
  5. "I copied his [my text chat] comments to show how inane it was."
  6. "'slick' - how appropriate a nick is that? Just like all the slick preachers."
  7. "You ignorant peace of Christian fecal matter."
  8. "We will let you think when you get a brain Matt."
  9. "Matt...when was the last time you actually thought?"
  10. "You sound like you are in second or third grade."
  11. "Why does your freaking god judge the creation it made? Matt is a retard."
  12. "Matt you are repulsive as a human being and you need to stay away from children."
  13. "Matt, insults where insults are due is just plain speaking truth."

Notice the in-depth refutations of arguments imbedded in their verbal repartees. We could learn a lot from these atheists:  how not to debate.

But seriously, I do honestly try and reach them for Christ.  It isn't easy and I have to wade through a lot of personal attacks to make a very few points with them.  It takes a lot of work and patience.

Like a proud dad showing off pictures of his kids, praise reports are snippets of bright spots in the CARM world.  Here are a few from this past week:

"Thanks for doing a great job - keep up the good work."
"Your site is absolutely the best, most comprehensive Christian website I have ever seen.  So far, it seems to have covered almost every question I have ever had about Christianity, the bible, interpretation about our culture, cults etc.  Great, logical answers to help build my faith and share with others."  [I love this one.]
"I love your site. I especially enjoy the dialogues with the other cults. Your doing an awesome job!!! Keep it up."

Okay, enough of the CARM love-fest.  The important thing is that people are using CARM.  I thank the Lord for putting this burden on my heart seven years ago.  It has been a trial and a privilege at the same time.


Phil. 1:6
"For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus," (NASB).


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.