CARM Newsletter 04-23-08

In Matt. 5:43-48 Jesus speaks about loving your neighbor.  He compares the gracious love of God in the form of sunshine and rain upon all mankind, to people who don't love those around them.  You see, God is gracious to the unbeliever by giving him the opportunity to live a decent life in this world.  God provides the basics for them.  The point is that God is loving to unbelievers by providing for their needs.  Jesus then says that if you love those who love you what reward do you have?  Therefore, "you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect."

Jesus is telling us that we need to show compassion and kindness to people.  He is telling us that we should not show favoritism and be motivated to be good to them because we hope to get rewards from them. This is hypocrisy.  Instead, we are to love as God loves.  He provides for them and yet they can give nothing to him in return.

Showing love to people can take many forms.  You can take cookies to a neighbor, change someone's tire, anonymously give someone money, pray for their salvation, etc.  The ways to show kindness and love to people are as varied as our people and circumstances.  What are your ways of loving people as God loves us?  Pensacola DebateThe debate in Pensacola went very well.  Mr. Kagin (the 2005 the atheist of the year) and I debated the topic "Does God exist?"  Now, I'm biased so please take my analysis with a grain of salt.  But, I do not believe that Mr. Kagin in any way refuted my argument supporting God's existence.  If you are interested in reading my opening statement at the debate go to this article:  Debate between Matt Slick and Edwin Kagin on "Does God Exist?  The argument was based on what is known as TAG, the transcendental argument for the existence of God.  It is very effective.
A video copy of the debate will be sent to me in about three weeks.  There was a problem with one of the two cameras being used to record the event and the videographer said he would clean up the sound, produce the video and send it to me.  When I receive it, I'll make it available for purchase through the CARM website.
I want to thank all of you who supported me going out there with financial gifts.  I'm not just offering a casual thanks.  I'm really very thankful for the help that many of you provided.  It made a debate possible and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I have received some feedback from people who were there about the debate.  So far, universally, the Christians said I won the debate hands down.  Some agnostics said that Christianity came off looking good.  Some atheists said the same thing.  So, all I can do is give glory to God.    Expelled, The MovieI strongly recommend that you go see the movie "Expelled".  It is in theaters now and it is a documentary about the evolutionary/academic community and how it is highly prejudiced against the possibility of Intelligent Design.  If you are not familiar with Intelligent Design, it is the theory that biological structures and informational structures at the cellular level demonstrate evidence of an Intelligent Designer. The evolutionary community expels scientists who even remotely entertain the possibility of ID.  There is no tolerance, no objectivity. The movie goes on to tackle evolution and relate it to ethics -- very interesting.  Anyway, I do recommend you go see it.     Sometimes people are just amazing.  This is from an email dialogue.  Its brief.

Wiccan:  I'm a Wiccan, and I have a question about your article(s). What, exactly, makes you so sure that Wicca is "occult," "demonic," or "sinister"? I hope you have an answer.

CARM:  What makes you think that Wicca is not occultic? Please explain to me what you mean.

Wiccan:  Wicca is a nature-based religion. We worship the Earth and what comes out of it. We cast no magic that would harm any, or change one's free will. We work only to help others, using nothing more than the herbs the Earth gives us. How can that be bad?

CARM:  so you worship a planet?  Are the rocks and water alive?  

Wiccan:  No, I do not worship a planet, thank you very much. I worship the spirit of the Earth. Think "Mother Earth" only bigger and better. Not the rocks and water, no. Trees and plants, yes. (assuming we're speaking scientifically)        Love and Hate Mail
Hate Mail You people are sick, sick, sick.  I hope your not actually calling yourselfs 'christians'?? there is nothing christian about you people.  you pick on other denominations, you judge,judge,judge.  you absolutely make up lies about people you disagree with. you wish you had half the commom sense pastor Murray has! He is absolutely nothing like you've described him. he does preach chapter by chapter and verse by verse.  while you people spend your time tearing down other religeons , he's saving souls or planting seeds.   your wrong!Hello again Matt. Since my last email I have visited your website. I agree fully with your effort to teach God's Word. However, your approach and tactics seem to be themselves, very "cult like" in nature. Whether this is the case or not, there is one thing I'm sure of where involvement with you is concerned. The Holy Ghost says NO! The manner in which you choose to engage these anti-Christ religions or atheists is not biblical. Engaging them at all is not biblical. So, with this I say Adios if you still can!Let me tell you though, you're great entertainment. But you are pathetic, far more pathetic than, Mormons, JW's or Catholics. But you are far less pathetic than that Mormon guy you interviewed with MCKeever. What was his name? Ned? He denied & played cowardly all show long and you did nothing. Your friend McKeever lamented correctly how cowardly Mormon leaders became lately, and you  didn't have enough fortitude to expose this guy. I don't mind Mormon doctrine when it is discussed against you pseudo-christians. What I mind is Leaders like Hinkley deny the past in order to shed  true doctrines of the Church.  I'm no longer Mormon, however their doctrines are as legitimate as yours, since both of you have no leg to  stand to prove your claims. Call me, or write to me. I will talk to you anywhere, anytime that your G-d is a worthless, Might-less Idol that you worship. I'll prove it to you. In fact, I want to go to hell and reside the deepest dungeons of hate, crime, malice He can muster. I know He is a farce, beyond shadow of doubt. Just ask me.Love MailI have sat and read things on your website for hours at a time! It’s excellently put together and extremely informative. Bravo!Well, I recently bumped into your podcasts and started listening to them. I Just want to say that God has spoken to me trough your radio shows and research material on your web-site. God is Good!After being taught and believing the Bible and Christian doctrine for 45+ years, for some reason over the past few months I have started questioning a lot of what I believed.  There seemed to be so much discrepancy in the Bible. I searched for information through my church leaders, the library and online but found more detailed information denying the truth and inspiration of scripture than affirming it. Today an online Bible study friend shared the link to your website. I know I will be doing a lot of studying with you in the near future. I believe God brought me to this website at this time for His good purpose. Thanks for being there.I just wanted to state my thanks for your immeasurable amount of research on the religion of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Your outlines and questioning are very thorough and will be used for further research in the future.  


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