CARM Newsletter 04/18/2002

Yesterday when I got home there was a huge printer box waiting for me in the living room.  I walked in the front door, saw it, looked at my wife and slowly said, "Yessssss."  Now, you must understand that I am the a computer dweeb (Officially, there is Computer Geek, Computer Dweeb, and Computer Dufus).  I am such a dweeb that I will take a new CD like Windows 2000, carefully, meticulously, and slowly extricate it from its housing so that I can ceremoniously rub it on my chest while sighing lovingly.  I really like Computer stuff (Heck, I'm a computer tech full-time).  In fact, I love computers so much I would marry one.

Anyway, I took the printer into my office, removed the old dilapidated monstrosity from the desk that tormented me with its insert-one-page-at-a-time curse, said good-bye to it (I talk to my computer stuff), and installed the new one.  It works great!  It is a Brother Printer.  It will fax, copy, scan, and print at 15ppm - Yesssss.  It fits perfectly on my desk and I love it.  I'd marry it if I could.  (Did I mention I love computer stuff?)

For all of you who donated to get a printer for CARM, I sincerely thank you a great deal.  You really don't know how much it will help me in this ministry.  I am now free to print a ton of stuff without having to literally hand feed each new sheet (like the cursed old printer).  When I print up the new notebooks (four volumes later this year), I can now do it without having to kill myself.  Also, tracts are more easily printed, as are sermons, research materials for the files, etc.  I can now copy, scan, and convert to text many references for future documentation.  The added bonus is that my wife can use it to copy stuff for home school (she home schools our kids).  In short, it is great.  It is nifty.  It is keen.

So, in all sincerity, thank you for making the purchase possible.  I could not have done it without you.  Oh, and just to let you know, I received $400 in donations and the printer cost a total of $544.  The difference was something I could handle.  Praise God and thanks again.

Work is really fun when you get to tell people about Jesus.  It is also fun when you get to take Christians, mess their theology up, and give them headaches.  I like doing that.  Today at work, two Christian women and myself were talking about eschatology (study of end times).  I answered some questions about Bible stuff and then told them I could mess them up theologically if they liked.  They smiled.  10 minutes later, they were messed up -- thanks to talking to me.

I had them read three sections of scripture and asked three questions:  Matt. 13:30 (Who is gathered first?); Matt. 24:36-44 (Who are the ones taken -- in context?); and Luke 17:26-37 (Where are they taken?).  They stopped smiling and stared at me.  One woman took the notes and will get back with me.  We'll talk again, I'm sure.

Now, I'm not going to divulge exactly what those verses are about.  You'll have to look them up on your own and answer the questions and see if they mess you up any (smile).  But, I did tell them that what is important is that they study and understand several perspectives on Eschatology so that they might better understand God's word.  It'll be interesting to see what happens.

Matt. 12:34b   ("b" means the second part of the verse).
"For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" (NASB).


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.