CARM Newsletter 05-02-07

Welcome to the May 2, 2007 Newsletter

Atheist Comments

As I have stated in previous newsletters, on Easter weekend of April I went to the 33rd annual atheist convention in Seattle, Washington.  Someone sent me a link to a blog written by one of the atheists who made a comment about me being there.  You can read it if interested, here.  By way of correction, he commented on an article I wrote about the convention.  He failed to mention that the panel discussion was where the atheists were complaining that they were not properly represented in society.  I had made the comment in the article that they were complaining about Christians yet there was no Christian representation.  I thought it was rather inconsistent on their part.  He attributed six quotes I cited from the convention to one individual (a wacko atheist dude) who, he admits, gave a rather incredulous presentation of how religion causes brain damage.  Apparently even some atheists were disappointed.  Nevertheless, the quotes I cited were from at least three people.  Here they are:

  1. “Religious indoctrination of children is the cause of mental illness.” Wacko Atheist Dude
  2. “Supernaturalism leads to brain damage.” Wacko Atheist Dude
  3. "Christianity created the problem in order to provide the solution.” Don't remember who
  4. "The atonement doctrine has nothing to do with justice.” Dr. Price
  5. "If logic works, then everyone would be an atheist.” Don't remember who
  6. “Atheism is the cure for Christianity the disease.” Young Girl on Panel

Like I said, the convention was interesting.

Mormon on the Faith and Reason Radio show

On Monday night there was a Mormon on my radio show.  He came to the studio ready and willing to defend Mormonism and seem rather confident that he could demonstrate Mormonism was true.  of course, he failed at this miserably.  If you want to hear something "interesting", and have your jaw drop a few times, check out the podcast at


A woman needs help

In our church there is a woman who has need of legal advice.  Her situation is a bit "difficult".  She is recently divorced due to her ex-husband's excessive infidelity.  She is from Germany and has five adopted children (which occurred prior to her divorce).  Her ex husband who is now remarried is filing yet another legal action to get his alimony payments reduced even further.  She has custody of three of the children ( one is in an institution for difficult children and the other is of age and out of the home).  She's dedicated to the children and has already spent $8,000 in legal fees up to this point.  She is, basically, broke.  She came to the pastor and myself at her church and requested prayer and advice and I thought it might be a good idea to put a request on her but half


Love and Hate Mail
CARM is constantly getting e-mails of thanks and praise and condemnation.  Here are a the raw.  (At the suggestion of a reader, the hate mail is first so that the last taste in your mouth, is the love mail).

  • Hate mail
    • oh i'm sorry i forgot to tell that while your busy hanging on every word that Pastors Arnold & Dennis Murray say looking for fault-EAT YOU HEART OUT!!!!   Its too bad that GOD didnt make  more like them there are enough phoney decievers in the world  and wow you can quote one verse form the bible does that make YOU an expect or holy?  I would not have won a personality contect before the Shepherds Chapel.  happy watching, satan helper! dont forget your popcorn.
    • Wicca is not against the Bible. We do our "work" from a divine force, called the one. But, what most Wiccans fail to see that The One is actully God. I am wiccan, and I believe in God, lesser gods, lesser goddesses, and spirits. I no Satan is out there, and I have nothing to do with him. I no in my heart that it does not matter what form of God people worship( considering that EVERY religion has there own form of God), he still gets worshiped. And we do not" go deeper into the dark" as you so rudley put it...I only ask that you change all the words that say Wicca to Pagan or paganism. Because we wiccans, are alot more spiritually aware then you think. We do spells to respect God, and we do it to respect nature and celebrate life, and love....I hope you have taken this to heart, and realize that you made an incorrect statment. What I have said is the truth.
    • hey mr. slick I just was looking at some of your trash on your web site and and I am still amazed that you 1st can even think you are a christian. sorry man but you are a really need to learn to be a good christian and quit putting other religions down so much. start living like one instead of moving away from christianity.
    • I recently visited your web site.  I am sad to see that instead of giving factual information you take on the task of cutting other beliefs down.  Where in the bible is the commandment for this?  The bible states from the Savior to love one another as I have loved you.  Is falsehood, half truths and things taken out of context this.  Please do not reply back.  I have no need of those who tear others down to raise and elevate themselves up.  I will keep looking for that that seeks to love and build.
  • Love mail:
    • Thank you so much for creating such useful website :) I've been so blessed by reading many articles inside ur website i gained many knowledge and new perspective which can equip me in my walk with Christ thank you so much i hope the website will continue on and bless many people God bless CARM teams
    • Thanks for any excellent site!
    • I just wanted to thank you for having this site up.. it's a one stop christian hub!!
    • I just received a prayer request about a young man who practiced Wicca and who was now in an Orlando Florida Hospital due to the fact he took over 180 tylenol and is now in a coma. I had never heard of Wicca, so in my msn search, I saw your site, not knowing it was a Christian site... I was simply looking for information on Wicca. With a caution, I proceeded into your site and was happy to see I had stumbled on your Christian facts page about Wicca. I just wanted to thank you for your work... God bless your endeavors to help others learn about Him.
    • You probably won't read this, but Matt, in some ways I've had the privilege of growing together with your site--and I thank you for this. I first heard about it as a freshmen at Cal (back in 01-02?) I used the material from the site to prepare for Bible Studies (with proper citations)...and over the years as the website grew, I grew too--and the site is still able to teach me new things. And CARM is all over the place now. I was at the Resolved Conference this last February, and CARM was one of the few websites they recommend. It was very encouraging to see how hard you've worked, how much it grew, and it makes me want to work harder, too. Thanks!

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