CARM Newsletter 06-29-06

Welcome to the June 29, 2006 Newsletter

Suggestions for CARM redesign effort

Technology is always advancing. Therefore, we need to follow where it goes. I am in the early process of redesigning CARM. The goal is to make it easier to use as well as provided a format for future development and release of new technologies that the Web provides. Some of the options that we are looking at is video and/or audio introductions to various pages. We're looking at options to allow PDF printing of articles, sending articles via e-mail, articles formatted for printing, cross referencing it articles, podcasting, and mp3 downloads. We will be looking at feedback options and more interactivity as well as providing a better search engine for the site. Since I don't have a paid staff, I have to do almost all this myself (which means learning new technology) as well as answering the thousands of e-mails, do the radio show five nights a week, research articles, write books, and maintain the site. Whew! I and getting tired just thinking about it. Praise God!

Do you have suggestions for the CARM web site? Do you know of a technology that would be useful, an idea that would be helpful, and suggestions that could improve CARM? if you know of any particular web sites that have "cool" ideas and technologies, could you please send me the URL (the web page address) to and I will check it out. Thanks.

But, it isn't accurate to say that CARM is a one-man show. Diane in New Jersey has been a tremendous help in running the discussion boards. There's a gentleman named Matt Paulson who is very good at answering e-mails. Unfortunately, neither he nor I can't keep up with the deluge and we are behind around 5,000 emails.

Still, this is all a great set of problems to have. And I am blessed to be able to be involved in the Ministry that is being used by the Lord to accomplish his will.

Please pray for me, Diane, Matt Paulson, and the development of this Ministry.


  • Love mail:

    • I was very much blessed by finding your website and actually I was facing a lot of problems defending my Christian faith in a lot of points that I found the way to answer, at your site. Wael

    • Your site is awesome, it is so true and it has really helped me know how to talk with Mormons. Melissa

    • Just want to say a big thank you for this website. God has indeed called you into a powerful ministry of truth! Its so good to see the Truth of the Lord in black and white all in one place for everyone to read. Rob

    • Thank you for CARM. Through this ministry you have encouraged me to sometimes go beyond the exclusive teachings of the Pentecostal church and to study the scriptures when ever someone interprets them. I now pray before listening to sermons. Nancy

    • I would like to say that all the information and the wonderful truths that I glean from your web site has been phenomenal.. There is so much information to answer just about any question you could have. The online studies have opened up doors that gave me much more of a deeper understanding of the word of God. How I thank you for your obedience to God's call upon your life and providing so much great truths that can help people like to me to have a greater knowledge of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Darlene

    • My son is going to the University of Utah. Your information on Mormonism has really helped him understand it from a Biblical perspective. It has given him greater confidence in holding his ground when approached. May the Lord continue to bless your work. Bruce

  • Hate mail:

    • Do you honestly believe that Jesus Christ is a dismal failure and too weak to "Save" the entire human family -- including faithful Latter-day Saints? Bill

    • ----I must be doing something wrong. I only got one hate mail this past week.


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.