CARM Newsletter 07-21-05

Welcome to the July 21st newsletter.


It has been too long since the last newsletter.  I apologize for the delay.  Life has been hectic and I have been overwhelmed with projects, typo corrections, emails, writing, research, and general fatigue.   I'll try and make up for it in this newsletter.

Full time?

As many of you know I had planned to quit my job on July 1 and move full-time and to CARM. Unfortunately, that has not happened because of medical insurance reasons.  I have mentioned that my wife has Marfan syndrome (a connective tissue disorder affecting the entire body). As a result, she needs occasional surgeries to literally put joints back in place. Her hands, feet, back, are all affected -- mild pain is also a constant problem.  You would not know by looking at her but she is, in a real sense, falling apart. Add to this that she has recentlythe suffered a relapse of Siliac Sprue. It is an allergy to if Marfan syndrome wasn't enough. Anyway, it took a couple three weeks to get it under control.

As it stands, we have not been able to find insurance will cover her and my whole family without costing way too much.  I want to be able to do this Ministry full-time, but we are still short about $800 a month that would cover insurance.  That is why I'm not full time yet.  We thought that we could go without Insurance for a little while as I built up CARM and its support, but the recent events have pushed that into the future.  We're still looking for insurance and when we find some something that we can afford and will will cover her and our children, then we are probably going to take the leap into full-time status. It would be a true step of faith.

That reminds me, so many people have e-mailed me and said, "Just trust God and go. If you are doing God's will, he will provide." While the statement is very true, the Bible also tells us to be wise and to count the cost before you undertake a project. Since I am responsible for the welfare of my family, I must count the cost in more ways than one. Nevertheless, as I continue to give this to the Lord, I know that our needs will be met.


My family and I took a vacation in Southern California and we were gone for two weeks. Since I've been up here in Idaho for about a year now, my return trip to San Diego was rather interesting. I have grown accustomed to the slower pace of life , the politeness of people, and a lack of traffic. In short, I don't miss San Diego anymore after having visited and returning here to home. We are blessed here in Idaho.

Wicca and Kaballah

As many of you know Wicca and Kabbalah are increasing in popularity in America. As I've been working on books, e-mails, etc., I have not been researching as many projects as I would like to. But a few days ago I went and bought a bunch of books on Wicca and Kabbalah in order to start researching them both for release on the CARM web site. The night that I bought them, I had a nightmare dealing with spiritual oppression. When I woke, I clearly remember saying to myself that it was because of those books. I had already prayed over them and have been trusting the Lord for protection from anything occultic that is associated with either topic.  But, the enemy persists.

Also, it seems that there might be a spiritual battle coming because -- and I know this is subjective -- but I feel as though I'm under spiritual attack and that more is coming. Again, I need your prayers. Just as those who have been supporting financially are of great value to the continuation this Ministry, so to are those of you who pray for CARM. Please remember to pray. Please don't forget. My family, this Ministry, and I need all the spiritual support we can get. This is not an easy thing to do and I must face spiritual oppression, various attacks, and the like, as I read through occult material and study it in depth.  The enemy does not want me to do this which is why I need your prayer support.

Email Feedback - Hate Mail - (I get this more than you realize)

  • I just skimmed through your website and i must say, nice job! You have indeed embodied the essence of Christ by doing your best to denounce each and every faith that you deem undesirable. Congratulations!!!  In fact, i am so impressed with you that I am waiting for YOU to open your own church so you can enlighten this world with all of your knowledge! You seem to have all the answers and everyone else must be dead wrong about their faith; no matter how many members that church has, or how righteous those members are. You have succeeded in creating a website that Christ himself would be proud of - a website of hate and intolerance. Good job!!!!!

  • Firstly, I would like to offer my hate and utter disgust to you all and your fellow bible bashers for your (proud) support of and affiliations with this sad, weak and degenerate filth known as Christianity.  You would tell me your Church only wishes to spread love to people, to those unfortunates who would bow down before and submit to [removed by me], to the divine revelations - those of eternal damnation and happiness, of an ultimate, all-powerful [removed by me]?? Again, I call you a liar. In concluding our correspondence I wish you only unhappiness and futile death. I wish you tragedy. For the weak degenerated for centuries to come without the strength to triumph over written prophecies - IT IS YOU WHO WILL DIE FOR THE [removed by me] SINS - let them die for their belief.

  • Typical Protestant arrogance. You will only prosper as your soul prospers, therefore, you cannot plan on prospering. The "I" complex also caused Lucifer to fall..."I will ascend like the Most High..." Lucifer also thought he knew it all...he fell from Gods' grace. How pathetic that you feel so superior to Gods' knowledge and abilities. I will pray for your soul!

Email Feedback - Love Mail - (The Lord uses his people.  Praise God)

  • Great site! Thank you for providing such a powerful resource to educate and equip us, who are in Christ (by His grace) and also to those who are seeking.

  • I'd just like to say thanks for your section on Atheism. As an atheist myself i found it a challenging, enlighting and interesting read. Although it did not change my opionion it did make me think hard and question my own beliefs and thats alll ways a good thing. Thanks for exposing me to diffent and challenging ideas in a non condecending and ignorant manner.

  • I used the MSN search engine to look up "lost books of the bible", and was directed to your site.  I thank you so much for your ministry! I have learned so much from reading your website!  May God continue to bless your efforts! Thank U Father God for this ministry!!!!

  • Just wanted to say thank you for your website. I use it a great deal for bible study and find it very informative. I think the way you explained the plan of salvation is very to the point - especially considering how many people think they are "good enough" already - so many don't understand Jesus already paid the price for us a Calvary and all we have to do is accept His free gift. Once again, thanks.

  • Just wanted to thank you very much for all your time, lack of sleep, and
    energy spent maintaining your web site. Words could never describe how God
    has used your ministry to impact lives all over the world. Trust me... the
    seeds you've planted will impact millions.


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.