CARM Newsletter 07-25-06

Welcome to the July 25, 2006 Newsletter

ticles).  In addition, I will open CARM up for other writers to contribute, if they are qualified.

I'm still collecting information on video cameras for use in developing DVD video presentations.  If you know of a good camera that can be used to produce DVD quality video, please send me the information at  if you or anyone else would like to contribute for that cause, please let me know at the same address.  Also, I need to find video editing software.  Instead of doing hundreds of hours of research, I am asking readers who have knowledge of this to recommend some good software.  From what I understand it costs between $500 and $700 to get something decent.  My initial research suggests that in order to get the necessary equipment, and software, I will need between $2000 and $2500.  The goal is to produce videos on numerous topics that can be distributed via CARM.

Liberal Newspaper
Last week I mentioned about putting an ad for the radio show in a local "liberal" weekly newspaper here in the Boise area.  It looks like we have a sponsor for one month.  The radio station is interested in possibly contributing to the ad as well.  Each week a 1/16 page ad would be $87.  If you are interested in sponsoring these ads, please contact me at

One of the needs of CARM is a color laser printer.  I hope to write a series of gospel tracts as free downloads as well as ordering from CARM.  Instead of sending them out to a printer, it would be cheaper to produce them here in our office.  However, I will need a color laser printer.  Please pray about this need and if you know of a good-quality laser printer that can do double sided prints, I would be interested in any feedback.  We are in the early stages of research on this.  Thank you.CARM is constantly getting e-mails of thanks and praise and condemnation.  Here are a the raw.

  • Love mail:

    • I came across your site while surfing the net tonight. It is the most AWESOME SITE I HAVE EVER HAD THE HONOR OF READING. TOTALLY AWESOME. Please never , never, let the site go down. People all over the world need to have it there to read. Its just AWESOME. I cannot say enough. Thank you so much for having it up.  Mary Anne

    • I know that you had received a lot of hate messages. This actually show that you have successfully reaching those who have been told a many lies by Satan. Since they read the truth from your website, the Lord Jesus will use what they read to work on their hearts. Be encouraged! You are doing excellent work for the Lord Jesus!  Steven

    • Thank you for your resource, for its clarity, and for its humility and truth.  May the Lord continue to be with you in all you do. God bless you all.  Graeme

    • Don't know how to begin thanking you for your WEB site. I'm taking early retirement and am searching for what my Lord would have my do for His Kingdom. James

    • Thank you.  I just read some "hate" email and I gotta say, preach on.  You are surely making Satan a little nervous... God Bless you and your ministry.  Mark


  • Hate mail:

    • Did ye call or are ye just saying that for ye are afraid of the truth of God?  Are ye chicken or brave?  (Ye know that in debate apostle Gino Jennings will smash thy damnable trinity doctrine to pieces.  Therefore, bring it on.  [this is one of several such e-mails I have received from an individual who is very accusing.  I have agreed to fly out to Philadelphia to debate the Trinity but have yet to receive a response.  When I tell this person I have agreed to debate, he continues to accuse me and call me a liar]  Mark

    • [Another from Mark.  And yes, he uses 'ye' and 'thy', etc.] Ye fool. Ye are the one that is afraid of the truth of God.  Truly truly ye do not have confidence in thy pathetic false doctrine of Trinity.  The repent ye or hell ye shall go for eternity along with thy triune deity that is truly a false god.  Mark

    • I don't like getting emails from Satan, so pleas stop emailing me. Thank
      you.  Carol

    • You do not know the truth about the organization and their beliefs. They are not a cult.  They receive free and give free. It is also obvious YOU have returned to your own vomit.  Carol

    • ok.  I have SO much to say.  speaking my mind.  I am wiccan, but i used to go to a catholic school with a bunch of moronic, idiot psychos who had no mind of their own. they were brainwashed god freaks.  YOU would LOVE them all to pieces.  Now I'm wiccan, and you've got us ALL wrong.  We worship god, and don't like satan more than anybody else.  you're just some stuck up Christian with a website who doesn't care about other religions.  you think Christianity is the only way to go or the rest of us will rot in hell.  NOT TRUE!!!! you should try being on one of those shows where they switch lives, and see what true Wicca is about before u judge us and our beliefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.