CARM Newsletter 08-07-06

Welcome to the August 7, 2006 Newsletter

Thanks for the Camera!
In one of our previous newsletters we announced that we would be researching video cameras so that we could produce DVD quality video lessons for distribution through CARM. By God's grace, one of the newsletter readers graciously sent CARM a video camera! So, first we want to thank him for sending it. The camera is truly a blessing and is good quality. We hope that we can utilize it properly to develop video lessons. It doesn't have an input audio jack so all talking must be done within 3 feet. Hopefully, this will be fine for interviews. Praise God, He provides.

We have already used it to tape two of the Faith and Reason Radio Shows. We don't know if there would be interest in watching the radio show via video, but we are open to researching that possibility. If you are interested in obtaining DVD's of the show, please let us know at

Want to write for CARM?
We are doing a revamp of the CARM website. As mentioned above, we will be opening it up to other writers. However, the qualifications to be able to write for CARM will be rather high. We're looking for theologically trained Christians (or who have proven their grasp of Christian theology) who have at least a bachelor's degree. Masters degree level is preferred. However, we are aware that there are very gifted researchers and writers who do not have bachelors or Masters degrees. We are open to discussions with them as well. If you think that you would be interested in writing for CARM, please contact CARM at We are trying to begin the dialogue process.

Those who write for CARM would have to understand that what ever is used on CARM becomes the property of CARM. Of course, the original author would be able to use the material elsewhere. The point is to allow CARM to modify the articles, if necessary, and to sell them in any potential future works such as the MOAN (mother of all notebooks), and other such offerings. Furthermore, there is a "CARM style" of writing. It is simplistic and to the point and anyone who would write for CARM would have to learn how to do that. It isn't difficult and we would explain it over the phone.



  • Love mail:

    • I found found your website recently and I have been hooked on reading your pages. Thanks for doing such a great ministry, I'm sure that I speak for many other believers when I say that we really appreciate what you are doing. No need to reply, I know you are busy. Jason

    • Matt, I really don't like atheism and heretical religions, I support your website and keep fighting against satan's handiwork, especially atheism... Joe

    • I just wanted to thank you guys at carm for all you do. This website is amazing and I have used it a lot. Thanks! Mike

    • I just wanted to let your team at carm know that your work and service is appreciated from a brother in Christ. I encourage all your efforts. Your research and insight into the Mormon cult aided me greatly. You see, part of my family is LDS and I was praying to God to give me insight into Mormonism to be able to explain to them the true Jesus. I guess God led me to your webpage. Justin

    • I really enjoy your site, me and all of my coworkers and even a few in my Sunday school class use it. I always recommend it to others. I teach a young adults Sunday school class at a first Baptist church in the Dallas area. Brandon


  • Hate mail:

    • Wow You are just well, just wrong..... Hope you know the False Christ comes first.

    • You are teaching untruths about Roman Catholicism......why don't you just preach your stuff and let us preach ours........what you do is teach hate........

    • Where do idiots such as yourselves get these crackpot ideas?

    • You have an extremely closed-minded screwed up website and you need to get over yourselves. Anyone who would believe that crap is either insane or completely 


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.