CARM Newsletter 08-24-06

Welcome to the August 24, 2006 Newsletter

Sacramento Trip
The trip to the Sacramento Mormon Temple went very well.  Bill McKeever (, Keith Walker (, myself and others gathered on a dusty, sun-baked street corner and passed out literature detailing what Mormonism actually teaches.  We also held up signs that had a website on them,  We got the occasional single finger welcome and an old lady even stuck her tongue out at me.  We were told to go to hell and one person yelled out of his car as it passed by, "Don't you believe in freedom of religion?"  I chuckled.  In all, we passed out hundreds of pamphlets and thousands of people saw the website address.  By God's grace, we were able to have an effect.  There will be another temple opening here in Idaho next year.  Lord willing, we will all be attending that one as well.

By the way,   I want to mention some people who showed up at the Sacramento opening.  There was Jonathan from Sacramento; Evan and Jose, from San Jose; and Cameron, Austin, and Thomas from Oceanside California.  Thanks guys.  It was great seeing you and we appreciate those of you who helped pass out literature.

Thank you to all of you who supported this effort and thank you Jane for sponsoring me in making it possible for me to go.

If you would like to see some pictures from the event, then go here.


  • Love mail:

    • I recently (and FINALLY) finished my School of Theology.  Course, it was's actually changed my life, actually having (almost anyway) the knowledge to put into words what it is I am entrusting my life that a bad sentence? don't know, don't care, coupled with daily Bible reading along with my "daily" lesson from you, my life and relationship with my God has changed dramatically.  I look forward to signing on again REAL soon (after my family vacation) for the Apologetics course!  Hey, I've listened to some of your radio PodCasts, you are really amazing, I really enjoyed your honest "exchanges" with the Catholic Priest, and your friend who is the expert in Mormonisim, good stuff, I was encouraged, stimulated......good stuff, I thank God for your ministry. Keep up the outstanding work!
    • I wish I had know your web page for a while..... It has so many good things that can help me out understanding about other belief like Roman Catholic, JW, and LDS. I will visit more often to gather more information.  I am writing to see if there is a such material (article or book) that discusses difference between Roman Catholic Bible and ours. Maybe my first question should be is there a difference.
    • Because of your website, my life has changed. You may not believe this, but I was considering being Wiccan. Now I see how wrong that is. Thank you so much. I also have learned a lot about the bible from your teachings. You don't understand how much this all means to me. Being a newborn Christian, I still have some unanswered questions, but I know that after a little reading of the bible things will be crystal clear. Thanks again. I hope that you will email me. but if I don't get a reply, I wont be too disappointed as I know how awfully busy you must be every day.
  • Hate mail:

    • So what is it you do for money? Scribe, Pharisee? What you do in reality is persecute Jesus for money. That is not going to take you very far in this life or the next. Consider your future. The time to repent is now. I hope you do. You can continue to fight against God for only so long and then you will find as you hurt others for a few lousy bucks that you will kindle gods wrath and you will be smitten and laid low Mr. smarty pants. It is only a matter of time. I hope you can turn it around.  Satan depart and come out of this man and leave him in peace. Condemn not the things of god that you understand not. Look to god and live. Good luck my friend, I hope you can forgive my frankness. I hope you have a good life and great eternity.
    • Shame on you for wanting to prevent people from investigating the LDS Church.  Temples motivate people to live better lives. Why do you want to destroy that great goal?  If you are gong to criticize LDS doctrine, you should criticize the "abominable creeds" of your church such as the one that says people who have done nothing but good works throughout their lives, who have never committed a crime, will go to Hell if they do not accept your interpretation of the Bible; whereas, a mass murderer who believes in Christ will go to Heaven.  Another of your abominable creeds is that a person who spends his life serving God and his or her fellow men and fellow women will be no happier in the next life than a couch potato who believes in your creeds.

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.