CARM Newsletter 09-01-05



Thank you for reading the CARM newsletter, and I hope you like the new look.

Last newsletter I filled you in on the various challenges that my family has been going through. Though those challenges are not yet all settled, we can see the grace of God sustaining us in keeping a strong through them. We praise him for his faithfulness to us.

EMAILS FROM READERS, the bad first...

  • You are an egotistical, selfish moron. Most likely brainwashed as a child by your church, much like every other faithful person you choose to knock down. Religion is futile. I hope you enjoy your time in the afterlife as compost. Stephen
  • Sorry, that was actually a mistake. Having just read your "thoughts" on transvestitism, it's clear you're a narrow-minded, ill-educated, bigoted piece of #%#&#. No wonder the entire planet despises America when there's inbred retards like you spreading hate around. Tracy the good
  • Your site is freaking!! You are spot on, on everything!!! I love having new resources and your site is my newest!!! It is refreshing to read right theology and Truth on so many subjects! The Word is living and active!!!! Luna
  • I have read carefully all your web site about baptism, oneness theology, etc. and I really Thank God for the spiritual treasure we have in this web site. Anonymous
  • Thank you for your site. It has been very helpful clearing up points of doctrine for me as I learn about who God is and about my Christian walk. Donovan
  • I read your explanation of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ (of the Bible) alone. God bless you for preaching the truth! Amen! Lisa
  • Thanks you very much for the FREE lesson. I learned much about Jehovah's Witnesses, as they had been visiting me regularly and I had been tempted to join them! Now I know better and that you had given me literally a new lease of life! Thanks you so much and I am now better able to witness to others! Lin

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.