CARM Newsletter 09-11-08


by Ryan Turner

"Simple Apologetics"
"But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence" (1 Peter 3:15).

This is probably one of the most stereotypical texts that apologists use in their defense of the Christian faith. However, often times we turn this verse into an exhortation to dive into apologetics by learning Greek parsing, fourteen letter heresy names, and engaging in deep-seated theological debates.

While growing in the deepness and richness of our faith is certainly admirable, generally, this verse can be applied in the simple way of being ready to share your faith. Most of the time in conversations, one does not need to have a Master or Doctoral degree. Instead, just being willing to lovingly communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For example, last week on a Friday a group of friends of mine and myself went to downtown Boise to do some street witnessing.  It seemed to be one of those days when no one was interested in talking about Christ. However, I approached an area in downtown Boise where there was a large number of people gathered around to listen to live music. I approached a security guard who was listening to the music and watching the people.

I asked him if I could give him a tract that had a Christian message in it. He said, "Sure." I then asked him, "If you died right now, where do you think you would go." He replied something to the extent of, "I hope I go to heaven." I then proceeded to share with him the law and the gospel. He then replied, "I kind of believe that stuff, but I do not believe in organized religion and a hell."

I then responded that the Bible clearly teaches that there is a hell and the one must believe in Christ by faith to be saved. He listened to what I said, but I could tell he did not really agree. He then had to end our conversation since another security guard came forward to ask him a question. I do not know what will happen to this man and I wish that I could have said more.  At least he has a solid gospel tract and heard a brief presentation of the problem of sin and the solution of Christ.

The most effective people in history are the people who are most willing to be used by God. Are you willing to be used by God? Have you surrendered your life to His will and to His purposes no matter what they may be? Matt and my prayers are that God will mightily equip you (the Church) to reach out. Who do you know that does not know Christ and needs an answer for the hope that is in you? Are you going to share the gospel with that person?

May God empower you to boldly serve Him!

Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner

The past few weeks at CARM have certainly been interesting and exciting. I had the pleasure of hosting the radio show a few more times dealing with the topics of "The Resurrection of Jesus," "The Canonicity of the Bible," and "Issues that Impact our Youth Today." I hope to provide more detail and explanation of the issue of how we got our Bible. CARM needs more articles on the issues of the transmission, accuracy, and process of why we have 66 books in the Bible and not more.

Aside from the radio show, I have still been working on a number of research projects. CARM still plans on releasing an Eastern Religions section in the next several months. I have already researched much of Hinduism and am in the process of researching Buddhism.

Finally, Matt and I have been working on a number of videos for the CARM website. We have already done some preliminary shooting for a CARM intro to the website and short teachings on the Trinity and Deity of Christ. Video editing is not my trade, but I am slowly teaching my self Final Cup Express 4 for the MAC. The Internet appears to be progressing towards a video based interest over a merely text based interest.

Catching Up  From
Matt Slick
  • Though I enjoy working on computers, they can be frustrating at times.  Such is the case with the new CARM office computer.  I had several weeks of nagging problems, failing parts, software conflicts, etc.  It was very frustrating, but, praise God, it's all fixed and were up and running now.
  • I'll be speaking at Boise State University in the Philosophy class on 9/16/08.  I'll be presenting arguments for God's existence.  Its going to be fun.
  • Ryan and I are shooting videos now and once we get the assembly line going, we'll be producing a lot of them.
  • There is a new section on CARM called "In The News" at  Its brand new and we'll be filling it in as time goes by.
  • We've begun the early stages of looking for an office with sufficient space to have a video studio as well as room for several desks.  CARM is growing and though we can't afford an office yet, we are seeing that we will need one in about a year.
  • The owner of the radio station that hosts the Faith and Reason Radio show suffered a heart attack and passed away this week.  Please pray for the family.

Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • I'm not one of the people that think you have a right not to be offended. But I am often bold and loud in my proclamation of being offended. Your 'Theology-Quiz' is incredibly arrogant. Not that this is something new to the Cristian community, but your website in particular, begs ridicule. That 'quiz' was seemingly designed to indoctrinate. You claim to KNOW, how many gods there are in the universe.... How can you know such a thing. Such knowledge would require a scope and range of intellect beyond that of any individual, group, or state within our little sphere of existence. You claim to know EXACTLY who Jesus was, WHAT he was, when you have no evidense to support it. Only stale doctrine and faith. You don't even seem to understand, or at least acknoledge, the origins of this faith of yours. It's a remix of a remix, garbled in reconfiguration for each bickering sect's uses. Most of the people I would call 'Cristians' are sheep being lead to the alter for sacrifice, and those proliferating it are either sheep in leaders clothing, or malevelant manipulators. I will be honest, I am an Athiest. But I don't claim to KNOW how many god's exist, ... if any. Because it is something inherantly unprovable. Unknowable. Your quiz would even offend some of the more enlightened people of faith that I have known or know. It would do your website a great service to remove it. If your faith is under attack then tell me the last time a secular or atheistic person blew up your church, or committed an act of atrocity in the name of there being NO god. Continue to delude yourselves for all I really care, I just thought I'd make an effort to help you question your beliefs, I do it every day. It's how I continue to learn more and more.
    • Hi, Firstly, I would like to say that I am not a JW but have studied their material and attended some of their meetings. Secondly, I do not want a response from you as I will not reply. I would just like to tell you what I think of you and your site.
      Anyone taking the time and effort in knocking a group of honest and sincere people, must most surely have some or other grudge against them and their organization. You contradict yourself even more so than you claim they do. If you don't believe in their teachings, then surely you can find something better to do or just teach them the way that you feel best. Each individual has the right to use their own logic when it comes to believing in what they want. Not one JW has ever threatened me or held a gun to my head if I don't become one of them or believe in their teachings.
      It always amazes me how no one ever knocks Gods name Jehovah. I don't think they would ever dare to, as well as ever use his name for themselves or children. Yet, they are the only organization worldwide that uses his name as they do. Funny how the name Jesus is used in naming offspring.
      I believe that just as much as you and I are imperfect humans, so are they. Even the faithful and discreet never claim to be perfect. Bottom line, find something more constructive to do. Or even better, find other ways of looking for attention or followers. No need to knock other organizations to do so. Thanks, Gavin
  • Love Mail
    • Hi! I just discovered your web site and it is really wonderful. I am going to tell alot of people about it. Keep up the good work. God Bless You All, Robert
    • Hi Matt:  I just want to say I'm a fanatic. I can't stop reading your dialogues. I have learned a lot just by reading them. I too confront people with their "personal beliefs" that seem to come from a Hollywood movies instead of the Bible. I'll pray for you. God bless you with more and more wisdom, Eduardo
    • Matt and the team at C.A.R.M. Thank you for the work you do. I regularly use the short, well indexed, BIBLICAL answers you provide on your website as a research supplement in many areas of ministry. When friends, visitors etc. approach me about a theological issue, I almost always refer them to C.A.R.M. for additional reading after I do my best to answer their questions. C.A.R.M. is a God-send to believers in this age of lies and deception. Keep up the good work! Pastor Bryan
    • Ryan, Thanks for the motivation I was listening to you fill on for Matt and most of what you said struck home so again thank you. I am working on memorizing key verses so that I can be a better witness and defender of the Gospel. May God bless you. In Him, Brian
  Matt Slick
CARM President

Ryan Turner
CARM Researcher

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