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Welcome to the September 16, CARM newsletter.

I have just released a new section on CARM dealing with Kabbalah ( Kabbalah is a fad that has been sweeping through Hollywood and, unfortunately, has been influencing thousands of people. Basically, Kabbalah is a Jewish mystical system of viewing God, the universe, and man. It often reinterprets the Bible in radical ways. The result is similar to New Age theology. It is interesting. If you want to read a revealing dialogue I had with a Kabbalist, then check go to Its amazing what this guy said.

Chat room

On 9/15/05 I was teaching on the Internet on (a free voice chat system) where I open the CARM room in the Christianity section each Thursday night at 7 p.m., Mountain Time. It usually fills up quickly and great conversations ensue where I answer questions, debate issues, and teach Christian theology. Last night a person who claimed to be a Jew worked very hard to undermine the truth of Christ's Messiahship. He spoke of keeping the law in order to be saved, of the need to be circumcised, and he tried numerous times to defame Jesus. It was a battle as I worked through the Old Testament and covered such Scriptures as (Zech. 12:10; Psalm 22; Isaiah 53; Micah 5:2). He had no response to these messianic prophecies. Instead, he used mocking tones in his derision of the truth. It was sad. Next an atheist entered the room and spammed it with very profane and vile insults. I kicked him out quickly. Then a Jehovah's Witness and I dialogued about who Jesus really was and what she needed to do to be forgiven of her sins. She ended up saying that she was able to keep the commands of God!

It is a difficult thing to tackle these groups by myself, but I do. The room had many people in it and I do not know how many were Christian and how man were not. But, the truth of God's Word went forth and I can only pray that it does not come back empty without accomplishing what God desires (Isaiah 55:11). I thank him for the opportunity to teach his word and refute error.

Pray for this ministry

Also, please understand that I am engaged in a spiritual battle on a regular basis. I really do need your prayers. CARM is a front lines ministry.

Lately, since I began researching Wicca and Kabbalah, I've suffered some unusual "difficulties." I do not know if they are spiritual attacks, but when several things happen within three weeks of studying occultic material, you begin to wonder. For example, within three weeks I badly injured my ribs in a small river rafting accident, got a flat tire on the freeway, my health insurance was canceled, was told I would not have vacation pay anymore, had a potential lawsuit against CARM (it was cancelled), was attacked by two Christian women who published false information about me on the Internet, and my wife's health took a dive (she has Marfan Syndrome). Also, I was spiritually exhausted after finishing the Kabbalah section. It is very very difficult to immerse myself in occult occultic material for weeks on end so that I can write about it, expose it, and give Christians an accurate and safe analysis of what it is compared to Scripture. It isn't easy and I desperately and definitely need your prayers of support.

Also, please understand that there are many unbelievers on this e-mail list who deliberately pray against this Ministry. They want to know what I'm doing so they can pray against me. So please take this seriously and support CARM with your prayers.


The larger the scope of CARM, the the greater the possibility of a lawsuit. Therefore, if anyone out there would be interested in doing some pro bono consulting with CARM periodically, please let me know. Occasionally we have a question on what we should and should not do regarding copywrite, non-profit, etc.. Nothing significant has happened nor do we expect anything too. I just want to be prepared. Thanks.



  • "Thanks so much for this site! I have been looking at it over the years. And by the grace of God, I've learned so much about the deception of the evil one. Keep on fighting the good fight and see you in heaven!" Jonathan
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a blessing your website is! It is very thorough, and succinctly brings out important points about the Jehovah's Witnesses- a satanical group, in my humble opinion." Linda
  • "Hi, I'm only 15 and yet I sit here on the brink of tears. I truly believe it was Gods will for me to find your website. I think I've read almost every section of it!! Through your website I found a link to a site that provided a video about the life of Jesus. I watched it (about two hours) and at the end I recited a prayer and I just broke down in tears. I felt like the Holy Spirit was in me and I have to just say Thank You because without your site I dont know what I would have done!!" Dana
  • "Thank you so much for your ministry. I have used your site as a resource many times, especially when I was in college (a very liberal, liberal arts college)." Elizebeth
  • "I'm long overdue to send you a note of thanks for offering a completely reliable, Bible-based source of answers for just about everything. I've referred to your site so many times over the past 7 years. From my dining room, where I work, I can see who is walking the neighborhood. By the time missionaries or Jehovah's Witnesses are ringing my bell, I'm able to happily shake their hands and offer, "Can I give you some literature?" -- all printed from your site! When I'm stuck on a doctrinal point, I can rely on your answers to be thoroughly researched. For that reason, I also feel very comfortable referring others to the site. If someone I am talking to needs to hear some verse beyond, say, the five that I know, I can rattle off and know they can find what they need." Keena

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.