CARM Newsletter 09-28-06

Welcome to the Sept. 28, 2006 Newsletter

From the President, Matt Slick

San Diego
I will be in San Diego from the 12th of October through, most probably, the 15th.  My brother-in-law was arrested in Tijuana, Mexico for buying medicine without a Mexican prescription; he had an American prescription.  He has received five years in La Mesa prison in Tijuana.  By God's grace my wife was able to establish a great connection with an American minister who goes into the prison on a weekly basis to preach and to encourage the inmates.  Because I am a minister I can go into the prison with him to preach; hence my trip to San Diego.  Please keep us in prayer.


Theology school - we are converting the theology school on CARM to book form.  We hope to offer it in hardback as well as spiral formats.  We will include a section at the beginning of the books that detail how to go through the school at different rates, i.e., 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, etc.  The goal is to provide material for Bible study and Sunday school classes where people can learn the basics of Christian theology.  Having a good foundation is very important in understanding the Bible as well as proclaiming and defending the Christian faith.  It has been a difficult project together, but we hope that it will be finished shortly.

  • Hate mail:

    • There is one thing I can telll about anyone who have no idea as to what they are talking about. such as an somone  like yourself. You evade teh questions by trying to insult others because of your lack of knowledge You still have not answered the question maybe it's you with the addittude..maybe you need to research your so call interpretations before you began to critizize others . FYI. I dont' follow anyone but my own judgments! The real Fact is You have no idea of what you are talking about.. that  is why you are offended. ..and you probably wrote a stupid letter to pasor Murray and he gave you the truth which demon's such as yourself can't stand the puts a light on what they are really about!!!!Do you even have  BRAIN?
    • Who taught you to read the bible? is pathetic. Even JWs can do it better. Im sorry about this. I had to say something. There are many errors...
    • Have you read any books on Babylon and the Trinity?  Have you studied yet?  Get your wicked web site off the internet.  You need to soon before Yahweh rebukes you with fire.
    • Slick is the perfect name for a deciver. if the devil existed and came to earth im sure he would call himself somthing like "mat slick".
  • Love mail
    • I just have to tell you all again, I am just totally amazed by your web site. God is all over your ministry. I have been studying God's Word since 1963 and I recognize truth in teaching when I study it. I am so happy that God is so revealing every moment. Thank you and God Bless you more and more.
    • I am sooo thankful to find this web page.  I agree wholeheartedly with your writings about Pastor Murray.  I've been listening to him on tv and I have been so distressed in my spirit and I just knew God would bear witness with my spirit that he was teaching soo much wrong.  I just wanted to say Bless the Lord.
    • I just wanted to thank you for the great web page.  I hope that your work will minister to the LDS people that visit.  (I became a Christian 4 years ago next month)  I too was a member of the LDS
      church for 35+ years.  I too believed it was true.  I too did get the burning in my bosom... but years later realized I get the same burning when I purchase a new car! Keep up the good work!
    • Greetings Matt and God bless you. i do not know where to start, but one thing sure is that i thank God for the website (carm), which has become my instructor. Having accepted the Lord Jesus into my life just recently, i needed teachings like those i find in this web to grow and to witness with boldness and love. i have realized that without knowledge it is frustrating to try and tell someone about the Lord especially in my country where religion is high. Be blessed and continue your good work.
    • Thank you, CARM staff, for your diligence in defending the faith. My life goal is to write a book that not only exposes the heresy of the Christadelphian doctrine, but, by the grace of God, will open their ears to hear the gospel and see the true and living triune God. Because of this, the discussion groups will be an excellent source in obtaining their arguments.  It was because of a series of debates that Bro. Matt and a few of his colleagues set up with the Los Angeles Ecclesia, that I heard the gospel for the first time. That was approximately 17 years ago...and I praise God for His mercy on me. I am so grateful to the dedicated workers of Christ who are willing to be on the frontline.

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.