CARM Newsletter 10-01-08

DevotionEzra 7:9-10, "For on the first of the first month he began to go up from Babylon; and on the first of the fifth month he came to Jerusalem, because the good hand of his God was upon him. 10 For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the Lord, and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel."

The Law of the Lord is the OT Law with its principles and requirements. 

Catching Up
  • General. Things are been very busy around the CARM offices--it's a good busy. We are constantly working on various projects, developing article material, doing research, prepping for video production, etc. We've had a ton of emails coming in, and I'm glad to say that we have several people helping us answer them now. That is such a load taken off of me that I'm quite elated. Of course, we're concerned about the future of CARM and the need to keep up with technology. So, we are looking into something called "content management system software" which would entail a complete new design of the CARM website. Of course, the navigation system would stay the same because it is so efficient.
    The CARM radio show called "Faith and Reason" is doing okay. I wish we had more callers. Also, I do wish that we were able to expand it into other radio markets, but the funds haven't come in yet. I'm not worried about that at all. The Lord is in complete control, and through prayer and submission to His will, things always work out fine.
    We've made a connection with a gentleman in Romania, and he is now translating some articles into Romanian. He told me how CARM was very helpful for him a few years ago when the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses were running rampant through his town. He found the CARM website and was able to translate several articles into Romanian and distribute them. So, praise God for that!
    Ryan is working really hard learning the video editing program on a Macintosh computer and has finally gotten the hang of it. We can finally produce good quality videos. FYI, one of the reasons we've taken so long in getting them produced is because we do not want to produce anything below the level of excellent. YouTube is so full of average material that we wanted to produce something of quality. We want everything produced by this ministry to be quality material. It is an important endeavor, and even though it takes longer to get started and even longer to produce quality material, it is worth it in the long run. In this world of mediocrity, we Christians should not slack when it comes to presenting quality material. That's why it has taken so long, but I think you'll find it's worth the wait. If you want to see some of the videos people have done about CARM, please visit
  • New Help Needed Section on CARM. There is a new "help needed" section on the CARM website. There are several topics there including such things as programming, web design, email help, etc. Check it out. If you are interested in volunteering to help CARM, please let us know.
  • Going to Weston, FL. I'll be going to Weston, Florida, in five or six weeks to speak at a church for several days (November 9 through the 13). I'll be attending a University nearby to speak as well. The church can be found at
  • Debate at UCLA. It is still tentative, but it looks as if I might be involved in a couple of debates with some secular humanists at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles) in November, 2008. The two topics will be "Does God Exist?" and "Which is a Superior Ethical System, Christianity or Atheism?" This is how things are set up so far though nothing has been finalized yet. I will let you know more as things progress.
Ryan Turner

We finally have managed to get a few videos on YouTube. I have been working with Matt over the past few months in getting this done. Finally, we have.

Debate Videos
  • The DVD debates between Matt Slick and Roger Perkins (Oneness believer) are now available. If you are interested in them, then go to
  • The DVDs for the Pensacola debate that I had with an atheist in April are here. If you are interested in getting the video DVDs, then go to We will provide the MP3 (audio format) for download later.
Please Support CARMIf you like what CARM does and want to support it, we have some options. 
  • $1 monthly recurring donation setup
  • One-time donation of any amount
  • Sign up for the CARM Online Schools
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By the way, I've used various free software programs. They work, but none of them approach the quality and depth offered by logos.

Head in
the Sand
prairie dogWhat the Heck?

This feature is not so we can make fun of anyone. This is serious stuff. It is to show what kind of thinking is out there. We regularly get stuff like this. Pray for this ministry.

We received this email from someone making a comment about the three heavens mentioned in the Bible. This person states that the three heavens refer to "Astral, Causal and Sach Khand (God's dwelling place) the first heaven is the Astral Plane, the doorway to it is in most near death experiences, the stars, moon and sun and other constellation refers to the inner sun, moon and stars."
CARM Needs StaffHow would you like to work in the ministry where the rewards are small, the challenges are huge, you get ridiculed, there's spiritual attack, sometimes you don't know if you are going to make it financially, you have to support yourself, and you have to research and write about false systems and compare them with Scripture? 

If that sounds appealing, then maybe you might be interested in working with CARM.

You can be male or female. You have to agree to the CARM statement of faith, and I prefer (though it is not necessary) people who are educated and/or experienced in their field of expertise. But I must reiterate. This is not an easy ministry. It is time-consuming, often unrewarding, frustrating, etc. But, there are rewards. You get to know that what you produce will affect thousands of people for years to come. This ministry is a challenge and it is not for the faint-hearted. Interested? If so, contact Matt at [email protected]

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Matt Slick
CARM President