CARM Newsletter 10-24-08

Devotion "The Truth May Hurt" Romans 3:9-12,  "What then? Are we better than they? Not at all; for we have already charged that both Jews and Greeks are all under sin; 10 as it is written, 'THERE IS NONE RIGHTEOUS, NOT EVEN ONE; 11 THERE IS NONE WHO UNDERSTANDS, THERE IS NONE WHO SEEKS FOR GOD; 12 ALL HAVE TURNED ASIDE, TOGETHER THEY HAVE BECOME USELESS; THERE IS NONE WHO DOES GOOD, THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE."

This past Sunday I visited a Mormon ward for their normal services. Their ward (a church) was a Mormonesque building with the common Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints plaque on the outside of the building. Most of the people who attended were well-dressed, white people in their 20s. The service was long, like many Mormon services, with the normal first message being an adulation of Joseph Smith (the founder of their religion), traditional sounding hymns with an occasional Mormon doctrinal insertion, and a second message from another church member.

The reason I attended the services was to (1) have an opportunity to reach out to my Mormon roommate or various Mormons in the congregation and (2) to learn about Mormonism first hand. After all, it is much more difficult to talk about a religion if you haven't done some first hand research.

Interestingly, the second messages came from a man who was one of the teachers at a local Mormon institution in the Boise area. The man spoke about the love of God for His children. (FYI: He meant the literal physical offspring of God from the pre-existence). He said that God's children have no need to fear judgment as long as they are righteous before Him. Whew! What a relief! That is nice to know. The man, while giving a sweet-sounding message that was comforting to the hearers, failed to define this standard of righteousness.

Unfortunately, this man was preaching a false message of salvation. These Mormons would get the impression that it is possible to earn their salvation before a righteous, holy God.

While it is easy to point the bony doctrinal finger at the Mormons for their Biblical misunderstandings and errors, it is just as easy for us Christians to fall into the same trap of thinking that we can earn God's favor with our performance. While we may believe that we are saved by the grace of God alone through faith alone, we still think that God's love and care for us is based on how "good we are."

When we sin, we confess it to God, but we sometimes feel that we must do penance by beating ourselves up before God in order to get true forgiveness.  The natural, sinful nature of man is not only repulsed at the holiness of God, but he is confounded by the apparent abomination of the free gift of righteousness before God.  Don't we have to do something to merit God's grace?

Instead of beating ourselves up when we sin, we need to confess our sins before God and walk in repentance before Him. We do not do this in order to keep our selves righteous before God, but because of His amazing grace which works in our lives. He is the one who keeps us righteous before God. It is not our merits or works.

I have been spending this past week working on a number of diverse projects including research on atheism, the book of Mormon, difficult passages in the Bible, the historicity of Jesus, and a number of other topics. I am convicted of my need to get a better grasp of the Christian worldview in its totality. In other words, I need to spend more time getting grounded in various aspects of the Christian faith. It is easy to get busy studying such and such cult group while not spending enough time studying God's Word and what He has revealed.

I will be travelling back to Charlotte, North Carolina this coming Wednesday to visit family and friends and attend a large apologetics conference there. I will be in town from October 29th through November 8th. If anyone is interested in getting together during that time, please let me know at

Halloween and Tracts.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I want to encourage all of you out there to take advantage of this Halloween season to share your faith.  It is amazing how easy it is to share the gospel during Halloween since you often will have a couple dozen kids come to your door seeking candy.  I plan on giving out tracts at the door to kids who come to my house "trick or treating."  I will probably be giving them candy also, but this is a great time to do some witnessing.

If you are looking for good tracts to give out during Halloween, please visit (or a number of other good tract websites).  Also, check with your church to see if they have any good tracts to give out. Also, you can always make your own.

Anyhow, some good tract titles offered by to give out to kids are "The Little Ghost" (for younger kids), "Charlie's Ants" (for middle to older kids), and "Boo!" (for older kids).  You can read various titles of the tracts online and choose the titles that best interest you.  Interestingly, kids will read the Chick Tracts since they are written in a comic book format.  Rather than hiding from the "trick or treaters," why not use this opportunity to share the gospel to your friends and neighbors?

Head in
the Sand
What the Heck?

This feature is not so we can make fun of anyone.  This is serious stuff.  It is to show what kind of thinking is out there.  We regularly get stuff like this.  Pray for this ministry.

This is a random email that we received from someone, "Loammi Loammi is the call where does the curse fall The unjust the unjust have the power Will Manasseh line fall? A sign a sign do they call for it's the unjust for not many Ammi are found For Ephraim has become as a sloth it was told on old. The winepress is fuller its grape are sour the smell is of hell O Jezreel Weep Rachel weep for that is the real call." I suppose that this is a poetic statement?
CARM Needs Staff How would you like to work in the ministry where the rewards are small, the challenges are huge, you get ridiculed, there's spiritual attack, sometimes you don't know if you are going to make it financially, you have to support yourself, and you have to research and write about false systems and compare them with Scripture? 

If that sounds appealing, then maybe you might be interested in working with CARM.

You can be male or female.  You have to agree to the CARM statement of faith, and I prefer (though it is not necessary) people who are educated and/or experienced in their field of expertise.  But I must reiterate; this is not an easy ministry.  It is time-consuming, often unrewarding, frustrating, etc.  But, there are rewards.  You get to know that what you produce will affect thousands of people for years to come.  This ministry is a challenge and it is not for the fainthearted.   Interested?  If so, contact us at

Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • How dare you attack Arnold Murray. He's doing a good work. Far better than you. You have no justification for what you are saying about him. Shame on you.
    • You say Christianity is growing faster than before? If it's growing at all, it's growing with those who need the illusion of hope for coping with life's brutal realities. These adherents are usually little educated and poor wretched people especially in the 3rd world.  A.) Turn on your TV, take a look at any preaching channel. Look at the audience. Minorities / Trailer Park People / Wretches in General /  what else can we say.  You must really enjoy preaching to an audience who are nothing but smurf-chanting munchkins. Wow .. you really move the masses all right.   2. ) The Internet and the free flow of information is going to exterminate your hateful ideology.  3. ) Intellect / Logic / Reasoning / Free Thinking are making your people look like such utter fools, that many on-the-fence observers are completely turned off by you and your brethren.  4. ) Your religion is toast god-boy. I'll see you on the international space station with the rest of the scientists.   5. ) You tend to debate with 'trendy' atheists who can't defend themselves, or exists as ***** :) you get big-headed debating backstreet posers. And you know you will be torn apart.
    • "Mormon" is a nick-name.  It is not nice.  It is not scholarly.  It is incorrect to use it because it represents a falsehood and it is not Christ-like to perpetuate it.  I do not have an agenda.  I want to share the gospel and teach the truth. I find your site very unfriendly to those causes.  I do not think you act very Christ-like and I think you represent my religion falsely. I am willing to help you clean it up.
    • Oh foolish and ignorant thiest, atheism is a lack of theism (theos) nothing more. The Christian worldview contains not the slightest shred of logic, only emotional wishful thinking. Since you've brought up 'logic' ROFL! 1) The creator concept is nothing more than broken logic. 2) The letter string g-o-d is, effectively, undefined since it begs the question, handwaves furiously, and provides zero information.  There is, literally, nothing to consider or look for. The Christian silence on these two items is deafening and illustrates the dearth of logic involved in its mythology.
  • Love Mail
    • I don't have a lot of time to write - nor can I even seem to put it into words - but I need to say thank-you!  You are amazing.  I was a convert to Mormonism (from Catholicism) for over 11 years and now I'm free.  You have no idea how helpful and eye opening your website and radio show have been.  Again - thank you!
    • Thank you.  I was a Mormon for 25 years before I heard some of the things on your site.  There are many others that I have not heard.  You have given me so much more information which I need to make me strong.  It is not easy to leave the Mormon Church even when you know it is not true.
    • Wow, I read the Bible and the life of Christ but was still very overwhelmed by the description of His brutal and tortuous death.  It really had a positive effect on me and gave me a image to remember.  Thank you for the very detailed description of the pain Jesus suffered and I believe that his pain needs to be known by everyone.
    • I just can't say enough about how clear, simple and helpful your site is. What a blessing.
    • Matt Slick, you did a very nice job with the Biblical explanations & written dialogue with the Muslim from Pakistan.  (Not an easy task when someone has such limited language skills.)  I could sense your genuine compassion & concern for him with your responses.  I have been in a prison ministry for many years in South Dakota.  We have a large Native American population (unfortunately disproportionately high in prison) so I appreciate how challenging it can be with the situation you had.  Your web site is truly a blessing to many people.  I’m sure Satan despises it but you can tell a lot about a person from their friends as well as their enemies. Keep up the great work and Jesus bless you.

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