CARM Newsletter 11-27-06

Welcome to the Nov. 27, 2006 Newsletter

From the President, Matt Slick
I will try and keep this newsletter short and to the point.  A lot has been happening and there are more difficulties facing this Ministry of late.  Therefore, I'm going to write very quickly and to the point.  Please excuse my brevity and seriousness.

I missed last week's newsletter because I was so very busy working on CARM, answering e-mails, you know, the usual stuff.  I've also been doing a great deal of research on Roman Catholicism and have discovered a a lot more about its history, its positions, and its errors.  I've released some new articles on CARM and plan to release several more in the next couple/three weeks.

Thanks for praying for my Father
For those of you who prayed for my father, I want to thank you.  It looks like your prayers paid off.  I spoke with him and he's doing rather well. At 80 years old he is surprisingly agile and alert.  However, because of the latest episode that he had in the hospital (we thought it was a stroke but it wasn't) he's no longer able to drive per doctor's orders. He's handling this setback well.  Nevertheless, I will need to go out to St. Louis, MO, in a couple of months to see how he's doing.  Maybe I can meet some of you who live out there at the same time.


  • Hate mail:  (Maybe I'm slipping, only one hate email this week.)

    • The section called Witnessing to those in Wicca is both offensive and wrong!
  • Love mail
    • I just wanted to let everyone at CARM know what a great job they're doing!  As a Christian student attending a secular university, it has been an amazing resource.  Your website addresses so many topics and gives great answers to tough questions.  I'm currently using it for a persuasive speech to convince students to be pro-life and CARM has been so helpful.  Keep up the good work!
    • You know each time I pick up a new book on the cults and read about them (JW's at this point in time) I find them all good but lacking clarity in facing the fallacies within the cults. I Praise the Lord each time I come back to your site and find clear logical and most importantly biblical answers to my questions!! Praise be to the Lord Jesus for the wonderful gifts he has given members of the body!!
    • I have begun reading your web site and I find it very useful.  Thank you for your efforts in writing it.
    • I am just amazed at the attitude of these people about not bashing other religions. We didn't make the statement " I am The Way The Truth and The Life, No one comes to the father but by me" We just believe it and teach it. Keep up the Excellent work Matt, don't stop.

About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.