CARM Newsletter 11-28-07


I really can't think of a whole bunch of stuff to write about.  I've been busy with odds and ends.  So, let me just mention a few things.

On the radio show last night I debated Tim Staples, from Catholic Answers.  It  was interesting.  I demonstrated how he was being illogical in saying that water baptism is necessary for salvation but also not necessary at the same time.  That violates logic.  Anyway, the show went on like that for awhile.  Hopefully, in January we will pick out where we left off.  His schedule and my schedule don't coincide until then.  If You are interested in hearing our discussion, please go to

Last night on I had a debate with a woman on whether or not Jesus has a divine nature.  It went on for about two hours.  She did not understand the Trinity concept or the idea of the incarnation.  Even though I explained both to her she continued to ask the same kinds of questions that were answered in my explanations.  Also, since the context of the debate was in a voice chat room, the debate was done verbally.  But there were also people doing chat text and a lot of them were "less than polite" as they attacked the deity of Christ and my person.  The debate should be uploaded the next day or two at if you are interested in checking it out.


Love and Hate Mail

  • Hate Mail
    • I think your all in it for the money.
    • Dear Christian ******, Christians judge on a standard which of course are christian standards, so the judge and the advocate are the same person. Anyone can claim to be God. So where is Jesus? He's dead and gone. And if you want to remain in fairytale land that he will someday return, that's fine. If what ignorant people said over 2000 years ago, claiming to speak for God is your bag, fine, don't push it on other people and cultures that have their own God beliefs. You have made a freak of Jesus, who was a regular man. Where is he????? you always create ****** answers for all your fictional beliefs. But that's fine, at least Christianity will keep you busy throughout your life. If the Bible told you to rape your daughter you ******* would probably belive it, 'as the word of god' get a life, think for yourself. '
    • your are a fool may god strike you silly ******* I wasd a JW for 20 years, and Christadelphians are correct to the minimal detail. Take your devil and shove him up your kyber idiot I have had enought of born again twits and god bothering dreamers who do not know thier bibles. Go to your hell
  • Love Mail
    • Thank you very much for your ministry .I am extremely thankful for it ,and it has really helped me grow.  May God richly bless you and your ministry.
    • I appreciate the content on your web site. It has been a great benefit to me in my ministry. Many are blessed because of your dedication to God’s work.
    • I just came across your website and would like to commend you on your accuracy and reason.  As a practicing Mormon with 35+ years of cognizant study of my religion and many others, I must say your approach is refreshing.  Your presentation of the facts as they are available, without judgment or harsh criticism, inspires me to contemplate my understanding and my beliefs without feeling defensive.  Bravo!
    • All I can say is thank you for this site. I have a blog and I have been in discussion with some mormon people and I have removed some of the posts. i have recently posted again to be met with comments that are rude. i have used your website to learn SO much about this cult and again all I can say is keep up the works and may the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob Bless you.

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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.