CARM Newsletter 12/05/2002


Thanks for all the input about the car situation.  My wife and I are going to pick up a used 94 Saturn with a rebuilt engine in it this weekend.  It seems to be a good deal and we sure need it.

Every now and then I like to mention the Bible software I have been using.  Its called Logos Bible Software Series X ( and I honestly recommend you get it if you don't already have a Bible software program.  As many of you know, I do a lot of research on different subjects for the website.  Quite honestly, Logos has saved me hundreds and hundreds of hours and given me quotes and references that I simply would not have if it wasn't for that program.  I can look things up by topics, by references, by words, etc. and read away.  There is a lot to the program.  It is easy to use and can really help you understand God's word -- especially since it has so many great cross references and commentaries right at your fingertips.  In fact, it has hundreds of titles, hundreds of topics, etc.  Really, it is great and I use it a lot every day.

I've been in contact with the people at Logos. I voluntarily emailed them to tell them how valuable the program has been to CARM and, therefore, to you as well. We ended up talking and we've arranged a 20% discount for you if you buy a Logos Bible Software Series X collection from their website and use a special coupon code. Just visit, put a Library in your shopping cart and type CARM as the coupon code. It's up to you, but if you don't already have a Bible program now is a good time to get one.

Since I do apologetics so much, one of the things that I recommend is the Norman L. Geisler Apologetics Library on CD-ROM (also from Logos). I'm getting it and from what I've seen, it will be another great addition to help CARM grow and provide great information for the body of Christ. I found out that for a short time you can pre-order the Geisler collection a big discount. If you're interested, check it out at

I recommend this because I am very concerned with equipping the body of Christ with good information. A good Bible program is an incredibly great tool and Logos Bible Software has been that great tool for me.  Let me know if you check it out and get it because it is always good to see people get more tools to defend the truth of Christianity.

I've had an idea for a while and I wanted to let the email readers know about it.  If you go to, you can see The Warning Tract.  It is designed to inoculate people from joining the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses.  It is very effective.  All people need to do is print it up, copy it off, and pass them out.  One sheet yields three tracts after you cut the sheet into threes.  It is concise, well documented, and accurate.

What I want to do is get people all over the United States (outside countries too if anyone wants to) to pass the tract out all on the same day.  What you could do is download the tract.  Print it up.  Get some friends together if you can and on a designated day, go to a local mall and pass out the tracts on the car windshields as fast as you can.  It is legal but you have to leave when a mall representative (i.e. security guard) asks you to leave.  You do not have to pick up any litter or remove them from the windshields.  You just leave.  But, before you are asked to go, you can can get out around 600 an hour.  You don't talk to anyone.  You just pass out the tracts.  Afterwards, everyone who has done this can email me how many they passed out and I will put out the total in the next newsletter.  If enough people do this, we could get out thousands and thousands of these things.  I'd be great.  If you're interested in doing something like that, please email me at and let me know.  Then, I'll pick a date in January, provide more instructions, and go for it.

Is Christianity intolerant? Yes it is intolerant.  In fact, it is very intolerant to say that Jesus is the way the truth and the life and that no one can get to God except through Him as Jesus Himself said in John 14:6.  It is also intolerant to state that there is no other name under heaven other than Jesus by which a person can be forgiven of his sins as Peter said in Acts 4:12.  It is intolerant to say that there is only one true God as Jesus said in John 17:3.  It is also intolerant to say that trying to enter into heaven by any other way than Jesus is to be a thief and a robber as Jesus said in John 10:1.  Jesus was intolerant when He said that He is the one who reveals God to people (Luke 10:22).  Jesus was even more intolerant of religious hypocrisy when He condemned the religious know-it-alls and called them hypocrites and deceivers (Matt. 23:25-26).  Jesus was extremely intolerant of the buying and selling in the temple when He drove the people out of it by force and overturned their money tables (John 2:13-16).  Jesus was intolerant of hatred when He said "love your enemies" (Luke 6:27).  Jesus was intolerant of ignorance when He taught the people truth (Matt. 5).  Jesus was intolerant of prejudice when He gave the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37).

Yes, Christianity is intolerant because its founder, Jesus, was intolerant.  Christianity is intolerant of false gods and false gospels.  Why is it so intolerant?  Because it is shaped after Jesus.  It is intolerant because there is a hell and Jesus, who is God in flesh (John 1:1,14; Col. 2:9), who died for our sins (1 Pet. 2:24), has made the only way to forgiveness a reality:  through Him alone (John 14:6) and without Him comes damnation.

On the other hand, Christianity is very tolerant.  It teaches to be very forgiving (Matt. 18:21-22), to be patient and kind (Gal. 5:22-23), and to be honest and wholesome (Phil. 4:6-8).   Jesus taught us to love and to heal and to be examples of kindness and truth in the world.  Jesus was intolerant of religious hypocrisy and bigotry.  He was very intolerant of false teachers.  He was intolerant of pride, rebellion, sin, covetousness, adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, fornicating, and murder.  He was intolerant of husbands treating their wives poorly.  He was intolerant of pain and was saddened by suffering.  Yet, at the same time He demonstrated the greatest love and patience with those who were guilty of all these things.  Why?  Because He is God in flesh, incarnate love, incarnate righteousness, incarnate humility.

The whole issue of whether or not Christianity is intolerant lies in who Jesus is, what He claimed, and what He did.  If what Jesus said and did is true, then Christianity isn't intolerant.  It is simply true and it is the world that is intolerant of that truth.

Likewise, it is true that Jesus lived.  It is true that Jesus walked on water (Matt. 8:26-27).  It is true that Jesus healed the sick (Matt. 8:5-13).  It is true that Jesus calmed a storm with a command (Mark 4:39).  It is true that Jesus raised the dead (Matt. 9:25; John 11:43-44).  It is true that Jesus claimed to be God (John 5:18; 8:24; 8:58 -- see Exodus 3:14).  It is true that Jesus was killed on a cross (Luke 24:20).  It is true that Jesus rose from the dead (Luke 24:39; John 20:27).  These are not feeble claims made by crazy people who wanted to gain power and fame.  These are the claims of Christ Himself and of those who followed Him and suffered for Him and died for Him.

Either it is all true or it is not.  Either Jesus performed miracles or He did not.  Either Jesus rose from the dead or He did not.  Based solely and completely on who Jesus is and what He did, Christianity is the truth and by necessity all other religions that disagree with Jesus are wrong. 

Truth is, by nature, intolerant of falsehood.  If Christianity is not true, then Jesus was not God, then Jesus did not do miracles, then Jesus did not heal the sick, then Jesus did not walk on water, then Jesus did not die and rise from the dead after three days.  But, if He did do these things, then Christianity alone is true since in all the religions in the world, only Christianity has the person of Jesus and Jesus said that He alone was the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).

Christianity is only as intolerant as Jesus is true.

Thank you all of you who are contributing to CARM.  It isn't enough yet, but it is much closer to me going full time.  Please accept my thanks for your dedication and support of this ministry. 

We are still aiming for full time status. Please consider committing to supporting CARM financially as well as prayerfully. If you want to support CARM, please go to and you will find different ways to help. If possible, if any of you want to commit for a year to help out, please email me and let me know,

If you have suggestions for what you would like to see in this newsletter or for CARM, please return e-mail me and let me know.

Rom. 1:16
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek," (NASB).

In Him,

Matt Slick, your missionary to the Internet.


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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.