Mormon Objections Answered

by Matt Slick

This website has been active since October 1995, and many Mormons have e-mailed me with complaints and comments. Following are the actual quotes of some of them:

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"The Mormons are too Christians"

Mormons think they are Christians. They use Christian words. They say they believe in Jesus and the Bible. They say they pray to God through Jesus. And they try to live good lives.

The truth is that Mormons are not Christians. They use Christian words but the words have non-Christian definitions. They believe in a Jesus, but the Jesus they believe in is not the Jesus of the Bible. Compare the following:

The Jesus of Mormonism

The Jesus of the Bible

Jesus is created
(Mormon Doctrine, by
Bruce McConkie, p. 192, 589).
Jesus is not created
(John 1:1-3; Col. 1:16-17).
Jesus is the brother of the devil
(Mormon Doctrine by
Bruce McConkie, p. 192, 589).
Jesus is not the brother of the devil.
The devil is a fallen created angel.
Jesus created all things Col. 1:16-17.
Therefore, Jesus is not the brother of the devil.
Jesus is one of three gods
(Mormon Doctrine by
Bruce McConkie, p. 319).
Jesus is second person of the Trinity.
Jesus is not prayed to Jesus is prayed to
(Acts 7:59; 1 Cor. 1:1-2 with Zech. 13:9).
Jesus did not pay for all sins
(Doctrines of Salvation by
Joseph F. Smith, vol. 1, p. 135).
Jesus did pay for all sins
(1 John 2:2; 1 Pet. 2:24).

The Jesus of Mormonism is not the Jesus of the Bible. They cannot be both created and non-created, prayed to and not prayed to, the brother of the devil and not the brother of the devil. They are different.

Because the Jesus of Mormonism is false, the faith of Mormons is useless. Faith is only as good as the object in which it is placed. The Jesus of Mormonism should be called something else, like Barana, Joe, Sasquatch, or something. Then there wouldn't be any problem at all identifying it as something other than biblical.


"You need to read the Book of Mormon and pray sincerely."

I get this objection quite often. Mormons believe that if you read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray about it that God will hear your prayer, answer you, and give you a testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. They often quote James 1:5, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God..." to support their belief. There are several problems with their thinking.

  1. James 1:5 was written to those who already were Christians, not to those seeking to become Christians or seeking to find truth in a book. As is often the case, Mormons take verses out of context. The context of James is clear when James 1:1 is read: "James, a bond-servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes who are dispersed abroad, greetings."
    This is obviously written to those who are Jewish Christians scattered abroad. They already knew the truth of the Word of God. James instructs them to ask for wisdom from God.
    Wisdom is the proper use of knowledge and truth. We need wisdom to know what to do in certain situations. If you receive counsel that is contrary to the Word of God, then it is obviously false. All counsel must be in agreement with the Bible. Nowhere in God's Word does it instruct us to pray about a book to see if it true. This leads us to the next point.
  2. You don't pray about truth, you go to the Bible and you look there to find it. The Bible is God's Word. It is inerrant and infallible. It is the judge of all things that it addresses and is correct in all areas of which it speaks. The Mormon should put the Bible above his own feelings.
  3. Sincerity is no guarantee that God will answer your prayer. You could be sincerely wrong, sincerely praying but praying falsely, sincerely praying to a false god, etc.
    Just because someone is 'sincere' does not mean that God will answer them. If someone looks to their own sincerity as a means for deserving or expecting something from God, then they are basing their hope on what is inside of them (sincerity) instead of what Jesus did on the Cross.
  4. If Mormonism is wrong and you pray to the god of Mormonism then the testimony you receive will be false. Just because the Mormons use Christian words does not mean they are Christian. The god of Mormonism is not the God of the Bible. Therefore, when a Mormon prays to the god of Mormonism he is ultimately praying to the devil and will receive a false testimony, no matter how good it "feels."
  5. Mormons are trusting their feelings. The Mormons trust what they feel in their hearts instead of what the Bible says. Many Mormons have told me that there is nothing that I could show them that would make them change their minds because they have a testimony to the truth. This is a serious problem because God wants us to examine the evidence. That is why there is an empty tomb; that is why Jesus said, "Touch me and see. A spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see Me have" (Luke 24:39). That is why the apostles quoted the life of Jesus and what He did so much. To ignore evidence is to open yourself up for deception.
    By trusting their testimony, their feelings, the Mormons put what they feel above God's word. Mormon's have a testimony. They say that Mormonism is true, that Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is another Testament to Jesus. But, Mormonism contradicts the Bible. Mormonism says there are many gods (even though they worship only one of them); the Bible says there is only one God (Isaiah 43:11; 44:6,8). This is only one of the areas where Mormonism contradicts the Bible, yet Mormons choose their testimony above God's word.
  6. Why do you never hear a Mormon say, "Pray about the Bible to see if it is true."? This has always puzzled me. God's Word does not need verification. It simply is true. But the Book of Mormon, on the other hand, must be prayed about (so they say).

"Stop wasting your time fighting the true church"

I'm not wasting my time fighting the true church. I am fighting a cult. Mormonism teaches that God came from another world, that he used to be a man, that we are all born in heaven from god and his goddess wife, that there is a secret temple ceremony where you learn secret handshakes and hugs in order to get into the highest level of heaven, that Jesus blood is not sufficient to cleanse you of all your sins, etc. There is no way that is the truth. It is completely false.
Also, Mormonism says that all other churches are false, that there was a great apostasy, and that Mormonism is the restoration of the true gospel. So, in reality, I am simply defending my faith, which is what I am told to do in 1 Pet. 3:15.

"You don't know what you are talking about."

Mormons often say that I don't know what I am talking about. They've never disproved anything I've said, but they are quick to say I am wrong.
I've studied Mormonism for 14 years and have a very good understanding of it. I've spoken to hundreds of Mormon missionaries who've confirmed Mormon theology to me. I've got the Mormon books that document their doctrines that I've cited in my pages. The truth is that my quotes of Mormonism are accurate...which is why I fight against Mormonism.

If I am wrong and I don't know what I am talking about, then show me. Go to Mormonism's Strange Doctrines where the teachings of Mormonism are documented (from their own writings) and show me where I am wrong.

"You misrepresent the Mormon Church."

Again, if I am wrong, show me where and how. I document everything in Mormonism and show why it is wrong. I don't deny that the Mormons are good people and that they do good things and try to honor God. It isn't their moral behavior I have a problem with, it is their view of God and salvation that is wrong. Mormonism misrepresents Christianity, the Cross, Salvation by Grace, the Deity of Christ, the Atonement, and more. It is a vast misrepresentation of Christianity. Mormonism is a non-Christian religion

You do not document enough of your statements from Mormon canonical writings.

This is a common complaint made by several LDS critics of CARM. It is an attempt to harm my credibility and the accuracy of the documentation. Many of them demand that I produced documentation from their four standard works. But, this is not always possible with many of their teachings. There are many Mormon doctrines taught that are not explicitly stated in the four standard works (The Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price).  My critics know this. Yet, they want me to comply with their standards of documentation and if I do not, they often complain that I have failed to provide citations from official LDS sources.

For example, it does not state in official Mormon Scripture that there is a goddess wife of God the Father in heaven. Yet, this is taught in non "Official" writings:  Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, p. 443, is a good example.

My question to my critics in this regard is, "If it is not official Mormon doctrine, then why do so many Mormons believe it and why do your Mormon authorities teach it?"




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Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.