The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler.  It is a story of how Butler (an ex-cop turned bounty hunter) is supposed to find, arrest, and bring in his ex-wife (Aniston) who is a reporter following a lead on a murder case.  Unfortunately for her, she failed to show up in court for a minor traffic infraction.  Aniston and Butler had an apparently hot and heavy marriage that was short-lived but full of passion.  The remnants of their broken love are now encased in a huge amount of mutual resentment.  This explains why Butler leaps at the opportunity to bring her in.  Add in some bad guys and you have a predictable movie.  It was mildly entertaining, but not a must see adventure.  I thought it was a bit dull at times and fun at others. 

My favorite character was the love-smitten coworker pursuing Aniston.  His clueless ineptitude was well playedAniston's mother was a sleaze that made me nauseous with her worldly mentality.  The cussing is there, but minimal.  There is no nudity and no veiled sex scene.  However, as the story predictably goes, Butler and Aniston are going to get back together.  But, they are divorced and there is no compulsion about them hopping in the sack together.  The movie makes the viewer want them to fornicate

You won't miss anything by missing this movie.


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