Cop Out

Is ignorance bliss?  If only I had known how foul-mouthed this movie was, I would have stayed home.  Question for you:  How do you count a movie's total cuss words, misuse of the Lord's name, the f-bomb, and whatever else you can stuff into a mediocre plot of a movie?  Simple, listen to the first minute and then multiply by the total minutes in the film.  But let me warn you, for this movie you'll need a calculator.  Are real cops this pervasively foul?  Oh, add a plot about Bruce Willis' daughter's wedding, a missing baseball card, the typical broken marriage scenario, a really mean drug dealer, and you have a movie that isn't worth seeing.  Come on Hollywood!  Stop with the typical stagnant plots and marital failures as background fodder for a shoot-em-up, cuss-fest.

Sure, there are some good performances by the actors.  Both Willis and Morgan are talented.  But don't waste your money supporting a Hollywood endeavor that is as foul as last week's garbage.

I have a suggestion for the movie makers, something that is really out there and different.  Why not make a cop movie about a man who is tough but struggles with being sensitive to his wife (to whom he has been faithful and who happens to love him), has a mortgage, and who struggles to succeed at a dangerous and difficult job?  The plot could center around a challenge to his integrity (remember that stuff?) and the safety of his family for whom he risks life and limb to protect -- which he does without resorting to expletives and spent shell casings every two minutes.  Too syrupy you say?  Maybe, but we pay money to be entertained, not verbally accosted, and it's nice to see real men who are imperfect but do the right thing -- without being subjected to foul-mouthed gutter talk for an hour and a half.  Oh, if you throw in a kid, could you make the offspring into something other than the typical rebellious, bad dressing, sarcastic, pre-human who learns a lesson only after the parents go through hell?

Hollywood just doesn't get it and this movie shows it.  But hey, I've really digressed.  Save your money.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.