Movie Review: Interstellar

by Matt Slick

In the future when Earth is dying, science comes to the rescue and a few brave souls venture through a wormhole and reach the stars in hopes of finding another world in which mankind can continue.  It is a magnificent science-fiction tale of risk, betrayal, hope, and love all delivered in a cinematically breathtaking manner. It's epic in its scope.  It's definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Christopher Nolan directs and stars Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and Michael Caine. The backdrop of a vast farm on which McConaughey initially works is matched by the more immense interstellar journey through space and time. The viewer is treated to special effects, some pretty good science, and great acting.

There's no nudity and strong language is kept to a minimum. The movie is not anti-God but it does presuppose the validity of science and its capacity to deliver us in our time of need.



About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.