Movie Review: Kingsman

by Matt Slick

Do not go see this movie. This review contains some graphic comments and a spoiler.  So, you've been warned.

The Kingsman is a secret British spy organization whose purpose is to thwart evil while remaining anonymous and, of course, being gentlemen.  There's an opening in the esteemed institution and several prospective candidates are put through rigorous and dangerous tests to see who has what it takes to join their prestigious ranks.  A rather unrefined but promising young man succeeds and becomes a hero by thwarting an evil, tech genius (Samuel Jackson) whose malevolent plan will kill billions of people. It is very well acted, has some pretty good special-effects, and delivers a rather predictable plot.  It was enjoyable except for the constant and excessive dropping of the F bomb and, even far more disturbing, the American church scene.

The villain is going to test his technology on a hate-filled church comprised of white people who sit under the angry preaching of a bigoted, greasy minister who throws around the N-word and with disdainful vitriol, condemns all people who support "evolution, abortion, and homosexuality".  I sat there appalled by this gross misrepresentation of Christianity where hate, bigotry, anger, condemnation, and racism were thrown at us from the silver screen.

A kingsman is sitting in the pews doing his requisite spying and when he wants to leave during the sermon, he is confronted by a woman who is obviously full of irrational, brainwashed fanaticism.  In the course of her interrogating him for wanting to leave, she spews some hate filled lines about him drowning in the blood of Christ.  I was highly offended.

The villain then activates his technology and instant mayhem ensues where each person in the church turns extremely violent. The kingsman falls prey to the technology and we are treated to a bit of "cool" music while the kingsman delivers a heavy hand and participates in killing everyone in the church. It was violent and went on for what seemed like three or four minutes. Then, (spoiler alert) he steps outside and comes face-to-face with the villain who quickly dispatches him. What happens is that we feel sympathy for the kingsman who was unjustly murdered. But, we don't feel sympathy for the white bigots who condemn "evolution, abortion, and homosexuality". If anything, you feel good as they get what they deserve.

 If the church hate group had been a group of homosexuals or Muslims, the cry of injustice would have been public and prolonged. But, when it comes to insulting the Christian faith, it is all fair game because Christians don't resist. Christians lay down and do nothing.  Christians let injustice prosper while they go to lunch after church and read Christian bestsellers about how Jesus died to make them comfortable and prosperous.

We Christians are in trouble. 

I can't end this review without making a final comment about a sexual perversion promoted in this movie.  After the hero thwarts the bad guy, he stumbles upon a woman held in a cell. He asks her if she will give him a kiss if he sets her free. She says that if he sets her free, she will give him more than a kiss. The audience chuckles.  But he gets interrupted and he has to go.  He then informs the captive that he has to go "save the world".  She responds and says that if he saves the world she will let him ***** her "in the ass". The audience chuckled even more.  Then, at the end of the movie, after the hero saves everyone, we are treated to a close up of her naked rear as the camera pans in.  Then the credits role.

I do not recommend this movie.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.