Movie review on Mad Max, Fury Road

by Matt Slick

In this Mad Max reboot the future is a bleak, fallen world where groups of people band together and behave like thugs in order to survive. Fuel is the most important commodity since survival depends on machines.  The entire plot of the film moves swiftly around that premise.

Mad Max just wants to survive in a harsh world that is mostly dry, barren, and full of villains. It is a fast-paced, adventurous hustle through desert, sandstorms, car chases, mountain passes, and cavernous abodes filled with people who have let their baser instincts rule them.

Tom Hardy did the movie right. It was memorable and very convincing. I don't think they could've cast a better actor to play Mad Max.  The beautiful Charlize Theron was surprisingly convincing in her part as the, one armed, gritty Imperator Furiosa who is seeking to deliver young maidens to greener pastures.

However, one might almost say that the cars were the real stars. I'm sure that whoever was in charge of their construction must have had a lot of money and a lot of fun getting them ready. They looked like a conglomeration of unrelated car parts, mutations, and ridiculous (in a good way) modifications that were all fueled with visually stunning car adrenaline. Whoever designed them needs an award.  Maybe the Holywood might invent a category called Totally Awesome Cars Award just for this movie.

There was no nudity but there was some cussing. This movie is not what I call a "talking movie". It is full of action and has testosterone-gone-awry sprinkled through almost every frame. It's grimy, gritty, and perpetually makes us participate in the harshness of the terrain and people. 

Is it worth seeing? Yep.  I saw it twice, once in 3-D and thoroughly enjoyed it.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.