We all have our weaknesses and one of mine is science fiction. If a movie has an alien or is set in the future, I have the uncontrollable urge to go get in line to purchase a ticket--even months in advance.  But sometimes such a weakness can lead to a waste of time, and that is the case with the movie Splice. I was hoping for a gripping, plot developing, special effects-fest with some standard running, screaming, and a totally cool looking scary-alien-creature-monster thing.  Unfortunately, I found myself getting bored about halfway through the movie. It wasn't fast-paced enough, and the resultant new life form wasn't intimidating enough to disturb my pet cat.

The story is about genetic splicing where a couple of scientists combine genetic information from several different species, introduce some human DNA into the mix, and produce a new life form.  Of course, you wouldn't have a movie if something didn't go wrong--and something does.  The only problem is that it doesn't go wrong until near the end of the movie.  Up to that point there was too much talking, too much contemplating, too much complaining, and not enough oh-my-gosh-we-better-run-because-it's-after-us!

Note to Science Fiction movie directors:  The advantage of having something go wrong early in the film is that you don't start looking at your watch and start wondering when the action is going to start.

The special effects were pretty good.  Nothing spectacular.  The plot was slow in developing and unfortunately, there were three sex scenes which included some nudity.  The action was dull.

Would I recommend it?  Nope.