Movie review on Tomorrowland

by Matt Slick

George Clooney stars as Frank, a disillusioned genius, who along with Casey (Britt Robertson), end up working together to rescue the world from an impending disaster. But, to do this they must get to tomorrowland a place located in another space and time. It is a pristine and wonderful place full of advanced technology, well-dressed people, harmony, and safety. But, their plan is resisted by some smiling, well dressed, robots who are determined to stop Frank and Casey. These robots have some pretty impressive futuristic weapons and technology and our hero and heroine must navigate through the maze of assaults, persuits, and chases. The whole conflict is a great excuse to feed our senses with hovercraft, flying, falling, fights, ray guns, bombs, and jet packs.  I have to admit that it was all done very, very well.

Of course George Clooney always brings his best to the screen and Britt Robertson does an excellent job of being the eager, brilliant heroin who is in stark contrast to the brooding, wounded Clooney who is waiting for the end of the world.  Their conflicting personalities and experiences blend well throughout the movie which.

There is no nudity and minimal cussing. 

I thought it was enjoyable and I was surprised that the liberal Disney of our modern-day did not include pro-homosexual pushes. That was refreshing. 

One last thing. Before I went to the movie I heard that it was a politically correct statement against technology and global warming. But I didn't get that impression. Maybe someone else would, but I didn't.

Is it worth seeing? Yes it is.  It was fun.


About The Author

Matt Slick is the President and Founder of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.