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71 4/18/2017 Is the veneration of images an Apostolic Tradition? Luke Wayne
70 4/17/2017 The veneration of images and the biblical gospel Luke Wayne
69 4/12/2017 Does Jesus' teaching not to pray with many words contradict Paul's command to pray without ceasing? Luke Wayne
68 4/11/2017 Why should we pray? Matt Slick
67 4/10/2017 Does the Bible have contradictions? Matt Slick
66 4/7/2017 Origen and the Watchtower Luke Wayne
65 4/6/2017 Is the Bible Necessary for Christianity? Luke Wayne
64 4/3/2017 Is Psalm 22 a Messianic Prophecy? Luke Wayne
63 3/30/2017 Does Psalm 22:16 really predict Jesus' crucifixion? Luke Wayne
62 3/27/2017 The practical incoherence of Pantheism Luke Wayne
61 3/24/2017 Reincarnation, liberation, and the value of the body Luke Wayne
60 3/21/2017 Can the Bible be the Word of God if Jesus is the Word of God? Luke Wayne
59 3/21/2017 What are some of the signs of the End Times? Matt Slick
58 3/20/2017 The Ethical Incoherence of Pantheism Luke Wayne
57 3/20/2017 Does Habakkuk 1:12 prove that Jesus could not be God? Luke Wayne
56 3/19/2017 Quotes from The Lies We Believe About God, by Paul Young Matt Slick
55 3/19/2017 Book Review: The Lies We Believe About God, by Paul Young Matt Slick
54 3/17/2017 Book Review on The Jesus Calling Matt Slick
53 3/15/2017 Why is Jesus called the Good Shepherd? Luke Wayne
52 3/14/2017 Are we all God's Children? Luke Wayne
51 3/14/2017 Did God create the universe from nothing? Luke Wayne
50 3/9/2017 Is God distinct from creation? Luke Wayne
49 3/9/2017 Hinduism and Morality Luke Wayne
48 3/9/2017 Is God personal? Luke Wayne
47 3/3/2017 Mormonism and the hardening of Pharaoh's heart Luke Wayne
46 3/1/2017 Does Genesis 1:26 imply that there were multiple gods involved in creation? Luke Wayne
45 2/27/2017 Desire, suffering, and eternity: A contrast between Eastern philosophy and the gospel Luke Wayne
44 2/22/2017 Enoch, the Watchtower, and rightly handling Scripture Luke Wayne
43 2/20/2017 Do Christians and Hindus worship the same God? Luke Wayne
42 2/20/2017 Does God have Expectations? Luke Wayne
41 2/17/2017 What are the Targums? Matt Slick
40 2/17/2017 Chat text from Matt Slick Google hangout discussion on Calvinism, 2-17-2017 Matt Slick
39 2/16/2017 Transubstantiation and 1 Corinthians 11:27-29 Luke Wayne
38 2/16/2017 Trinitarian formulas in the Bible and the early Church Luke Wayne
37 2/14/2017 Does John 9:2 imply reincarnation? Luke Wayne
36 2/13/2017 Can an unbeliever have the Holy Spirit? Matt Slick
35 2/13/2017 What is the Shekinah glory of God? Matt Slick
34 2/10/2017 Is Karma an adequate foundation for morality? Luke Wayne
33 2/10/2017 Why should I only believe in one God? Luke Wayne
32 2/10/2017 The Christian Life and Biblical Apologetics Luke Wayne
31 2/8/2017 Matt Slick Live Radio Matt Slick
30 2/7/2017 Quotes on christendom from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Matt Slick
29 2/7/2017 Quotes on the Trinity from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Matt Slick
28 2/7/2017 Quotes on christendom from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Matt Slick
27 2/7/2017 Quotes on the great crowd from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Matt Slick
26 2/7/2017 Quotes on the anointed class (144,000) from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Matt Slick
25 2/4/2017 List of USA based Muslim Terrorist Acts Matt Slick
24 2/3/2017 Government Matt Slick
23 2/3/2017 Various quotes from the constitutional fathers on a variety of topics Matt Slick
22 2/1/2017 The 2017 SAG(ies) awards, President Trump, and Immigration Matt Slick
21 1/31/2017 Purgatory and 2 Maccabees 12:39-45 Luke Wayne
20 1/31/2017 Is Acts 2:38 referring to the baptism of the Holy Spirit rather than water Baptism? Luke Wayne
19 1/31/2017 Transubstantiation and Jesus' words at the last supper Luke Wayne
18 1/30/2017 What is equal ultimacy and is it biblical? Matt Slick
17 1/29/2017 President Trump's Muslim Immigration Ban Matt Slick
16 1/26/2017 Should Christians pray to God through images of Jesus, angels, and saints? Luke Wayne
15 1/25/2017 Bible Study on Gospel of John, Chapter 4 Matt Slick
14 1/25/2017 Bible Study on Gospel of John, Chapter 3 Matt Slick
13 1/25/2017 Transubstantiation and 1 Corinthians 10:16 Luke Wayne
12 1/23/2017 Impassibility, of God Matt Slick
11 1/23/2017 Transubstantiation and John 6:51-55 Luke Wayne
10 1/21/2017 If God is perfect, why did he create the world so imperfect and allow pain and suffering? Matt Slick
9 1/20/2017 Why doesn't God heal everyone? Matt Slick
8 1/18/2017 Does 1 Thessalonians 4:16 prove that Jesus is Michael the Archangel? Luke Wayne
7 1/18/2017 Do the words of Jesus have more authority than the rest of Scripture? Luke Wayne
6 1/16/2017 The Trinity before Nicea Luke Wayne
5 1/16/2017 Doesn't the Trinity contradict monotheism? Luke Wayne
4 1/5/2017 What does it mean to train up a child so he does not depart from the faith? Matt Slick
3 1/5/2017 Will we see the Trinity in heaven? Matt Slick
2 1/4/2017 Does the doctrine of the Trinity make God the author of confusion? Luke Wayne
1 1/3/2017 Will the second coming of Jesus be a literal, bodily return? Luke Wayne