Newsletter Jan 20, 2010

by Matt Slick

  • New Discussion Forums.  We released the New Forums at  However, we found out that the new forums are lacking in true of vital functions that enable us to moderate complaints. So, we have temporarily the new boards on hold.
  • The old forums are still open ( until the new forums' bugs are worked out. 
  • Thanks:  Thanks to everyone who has supported CARM.  We sincerely thank each and everyone one of you and appreciate all you've done. 
  • Supporters:  We plan to on getting the donations receipts out by end of January.  We have instituted a new system with Quickbooks online and this January will be the first time using it and sending out receipts.  It should be quick and easy.
  • New CARM store can be found at  We are still populating it.  So, if you want to check it out, please do...including the new Slick vs. Tabash debate on "Does God Exist?"  You can order it from the store at 
  • is our new Spanish site is coming along very well.  We are moving forward in getting Carlos fulltime support via miapic.
  • Radio Show:  CARM's radio show is still going strong.  January 2, was our 4 year anniversary.  We broadcast live video during the show, M-F, 6-7 PM, MST.  We also have a toll free number to call during the show.  877-207-2276
  • The Garden:  We are almost ready to release a novel called The Garden, written by me.  It is an evangelistic novel with angels, demons, a good guy, bad guy, visions, and lots of theological teaching.  We have a cover designer working on a cover and the final editing process is underway.  We'll let you know more later.

Love and Hate Mail


  • My name is Abraham, and I have been using CARM for various things for about two years now I think. I even have it as a tab on my web browser. I don’t know how many times I have been talking with a Christian friend about some Theological issue, and stated, "Yeah, I read this on, you should check it out, they have great stuff." Or something along those lines.  So I am eight-teen, in college, and just trying to live for Him... But I just wanted to let all you at CARM know that your ministry has really helped me in equiping myself, and presenting to others things that the Lord lays on my heart, because of what I read on CARM. Also I had no clue how to evangelize, why I should, or how I could possibly remember to present it to those who didn't know Jesus. Until I went on CARM and read the entire section on it. So I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking all the crap that comes with being Apologists. So I also wanted to share with you my testimony. Thank you for all the work that you all have put into the site, and the ministry that you have established with God's help. =] I also wanted to share with you my testimony, to use as you wish. For your own encouragement, or for the site. 
  • I have been reading all your information on Mormonism and have found it to be an incredible resource. I think what you are doing is a huge benefit for the Kingdom and I hope you continue on this. I e-mail you for advice. My father practices Mormonism and has been involved in it for over 4 or 5 years. I am very interested in witnessing to him but the fact he is my father seems to make traditional methods of evangelism inappropriate(and I sincerely hope I am wrong). I feel as though I have to restrain myself from typical strategies. The question is: How would I witness to my Mormon father?  He believes in exaltation, Godly consent to many wives, celestial marriage, the whole kit and kaboodle. However, in my discussion with him, he has told me what he believes exaltation is, which isn't necessarily becoming a god, but inheriting all of God's power(which would make you a god anyway wouldn't it?). Maybe that information on what he believes specifically isn't necessary but it certainly falls in line with everything I have read. I am going to visit him in a few months. Absolutely anything you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you. Chris
  • I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys so much for you work with the Lord and Carm. I purchased the 3 schools and notebooks over a year ago, and they have helped so much in helping me grow in the Lord. Thank you guys. I wish you both a blessed and happy thanksgiving, and look forward to when we can all sit down together with Lord at the marriage supper of the Lamb and dine with one another. Take care this holiday, and be safe. Billy
  • Matt and CARM Staff, My support is very little compared to the wealth of knowledge your website has given me and others seeking to walk with the Lord. Thank you for doing God's work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. God bless, Phil
  • Rev. Slick, I've been listening to your podcast for a short time now and just wanted to extend a thank you for your fair treatment of those who have differing opinions. Primarily I have been struck by your treatment of those who have different beliefs in eschatology and Calvinism vs. Arminianism. While you stand by your convictions and do a wonderful job defending it with scripture, you are always fair by stating the opposing view is within orthodoxy (at least the ones that are, not the heretical ones, obviously). I have encountered some people who are not as gracious and have heard of others who will question your salvation if you do not agree with them. Thank you for demonstrating love and grace in these matters. I am still settling some of these doctrines for myself as I study scripture and appreciate a fair treatment of them.
    God bless you and your ministry. Chris


  • Dear Matt, Your comments on this religion [Christian Science] are cruel, un-Christian, in-accurate and full of lies and half truths! And you speak as a Christian? Shame on you dear one and God preserve you and lead you in to the Truth and Truth Speaking!! Bless you, Bruce
  • Why do you and your organization continue to lie about pastor murray? He has never denied the existence of the Trinity neither has he denied the existence of the lake of fire. He does deny the falsehood of the rapture however. Again matthew show me where the word rapture is listed anywhere in the new or old testament. And please dont start with the veiled attempt and failed attempt by referencing 1 thessalonians 4:17. I want actual proof that word can be found anywhere at all in the Bible. Because Christ never taught it neither did any of the disciples. Your supposed rapture didn't come about until the yr 1830. A young mentally disturbed girl by the name of margaret macdonald espoused it. 2 supposed super preachers were standing nearby and heard it and it caught on like wildfire. Im quite sure that neither you nor anyone on your staff hasnt got any hebrew greek or chaldee scholar among them. Youre going by the english mistranslations, which totally misrepresent what Christ actually taught. Again provide proof beyond 1st thessalonians and the polluted english translation or shut up. Either put up or shut up time matthew. Again I await your reply.
  • I just heard your interview with Kelly. I need to commend you for your brilliant tactic on the tone of your voice and calm and smug "persuasiveness" in your demeanor regarding dealing with Kelly. Very clever of you to do this since all it did was to tempt her to make irrational statements and you come out too too adorable and win the debate. Yes, very VERY clever. Unfortunatly your hatred of atheists came through loud and clear so it sort of defeated its purpose didnt it? So all these theatrics didnt mean a thing because there really wasnt any substance within that framework. But hey, it was a nice try. You taught me a lot. I need to say thank you for showing me something new. "Calmly, Smugly and Reasonably" yours. Tim.




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